[Webinar] How to Automate Energy Budgeting and Forecasting

All energy managers know that planning the energy budget while ensuring the balance books balanced is not easy.

But what happens when your supervisor asks you to give an accurate prediction for next year’s energy budgeting and forecasting plan? You don’t have a crystal ball, nor can you make such complex calculations on the back of a napkin.

What if you could give a precise figure instantly, in real time and based on your actual data? Thankfully, there’s an app for that!

DEXMA Launches App for Predictive Energy Budgeting and Forecasting

DEXCell’s all new Forecasting functionality has been developed in order to help partners and customers automatically predict their energy consumption at the end of each month, quarter, year, or any given time period.

With automated forecasting, you get a statistical estimate of future consumption based on your historical data, which you can then compare with your budget or your baseline.

The all-new Forecasting app for DEXCell Energy Manager uses a time-series based prediction model. Using historical data, the model is calculated automatically and increases in accuracy as additional data is introduced, thereby reducing error. You can also configure additional variables such as sub-consumption or data occupation into the app for a more nuanced prediction that fits your specific energy budgeting and forecasting needs.

To learn more how automated forecasting can maximise your energy and cost savings potential, watch our free webinar.

You’ll learn how the Forecasting app can help you predict an accurate energy cost for the next week. Or month. Or quarter. Or year. Without all those time consuming, endless manual processes.

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