Energy Grader is a #SmartCATChallenge finalist

FYI: Since Oct. 2019, Energy Grader became DEXMA Detect.

DEXMA Detect (Energy Grader), our innovative online app that calculates your energy savings potential, will be presented today during the final round of the #SmartCATChallenge app competition.

Energy Grader reaches final stage in SmartCAT Challenge app competition

On November 3rd, we will pitch DEXMA Detect (Energy Grader) in the final round of SmartCATChallenge, a competition of applications to improve collaboration and efficiency of smart city projects.

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SmartCATChallenge received more than 50 applications out of which only 10 projects were selected to pitch in the final round, including Energy Grader.

Energy Grader is a free online calculator that simplifies the process of evaluating the energy savings potential of any building or company. The app is completely open and free for anyone to access – all you have to do is answer a few basic questions about your building and its energy bills.

A single bill in PDF format is all DEXMA Detect (Energy Grader) needs to work its Big Data algorithmic magic.SmartCatChallenge Energy Grader

The resulting analysis compares the building to thousands of similar ones in the same sector and geographical area, with varied levels of efficiency with respect to the one being Graded.

The result is a beautiful Energy Grader report that the user receives by email. It contains:

  • The savings potential of the building. The final result is expressed in terms of cost savings (in Euros) as a percentage of the building’s efficiency compared to similar ones.
  • Electricity price benchmark. This benchmark is useful for building owners or business owners, as it helps them understand whether they are getting the best price for energy compared to the average for their sector. If it’s not, they can take action to pay a fairer price for their energy.

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DEXMA Detect’s Smart City Potential

Smart Cities will never be truly smart if they are not energy intelligent. Many smart city projects are heading in this direction by investing in energy efficiency plans for public buildings, renewable energy projects, energy savings projects, smart transit networks…

But what about smart citizens? Here in Spain, we are stuck in prehistoric times when it comes to energy intelligence. We live in poorly insulated, obsolete buildings (as we saw in the interview with the president of the Energy Saving Foundation), working for companies that manage their energy poorly…

That’s why local governments can (and should) push for solutions like Energy Grader, because it helps smart city projects to be truly energy intelligent:

  • They achieve results 10 times faster (compared to traditional audits, for example), and 40 times cheaper (Energy Grader eliminates the need to install meters to evaluate the energy savings potential of a business)
  • Citizens become actively engaged in energy efficiency – by seeing the energy savings potential of their businesses and buildings in a simple, understandable and quick way
  • Citizens and local governments can use them to evaluate all their buildings to make an informed decision about where to start their energy management plan. Applying Energy Grader results to all public buildings means the local government obtains a holistic vision of which buildings have the highest return on investment (ROI), take action to improve energy performance, save money and reinvest in buildings that need more substantial improvements.

energy grader free energy efficiency calculatorHow to support Energy Grader in the #SmartCATChallenge

Like what you’ve read so far? Think that the Energy Grader deserves a boost? Help us get it!

SmartCATChallenge is an online competition for web and mobile applications. As one of the 10 finalists, we will pitch Energy Grader to compete and achieve visibility and momentum that the first prize can bring to our project.

If you want to support us:

  • Follow our corporate account @dexma and the official Energy Grader account on Twitter
  • From 6pm we will be live-tweeting the grand finale with the hashtags #SmartCATChallenge and #DEXMALive. Do not hesitate to retweet and vote for us! Your RTs and likes will help us get more coverage and hopefully the jury’s attention!

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And, of course, if you’re in or near Terrassa, Spain you can come to see us pitch Energy Grader live during the SmartCATChallenge Final! Register here to join us later today.

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