Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya: Interview with the Head of Sustainability

Energy Management in Education

This is a DEXMA successful customer story, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), using our Energy Management Software on its facilities around campus, DEXMA (old: DEXCell). We interviewed the Head of Sustainability and Equal Opportunities Office so he could explain their experience with us.

UPC – Our project has been the Energy Savings Plan from 2011 to 2014. The goal we set was 25% of energy reduction on energy consumption, and our result was 27% so we even overcome this goal.

What role did DEXMA play in your project?

UPC – They have been very helpful to develop the software we are using, to visualise all the data about energy consumption in all the buildings we have monitored, which are almost all the 90 buildings of the university.

What are the benefits of having real-time data when talking about energy management?

UPC – It can help for the control. You can see strange things and react to when you see that there is consumption that you didn’t expected, and this is very different than using the bill that you find you months later and it’s too late. That’s one thing. And the second is, you can get immediate feedback about your actions. You want to empower and allow participation among all users of the campus. It’s important they can see the impact of their single actions.

Which were the savings achieved with this project?

UPC – We have saved 4 million euros in 4 years compared to what we would have payed without an energy strategy.

Which are the benefits of using a personalised software under your own brand?

UPC – This has two reasons. One is because we give continuity to the system we had before, and it was all made. And the second is that we branded it as a very institutional action and system, so people do not see as a strange external tool of the university, but it’s an internal and self-controlled tool for us.
Energy Management in Universities

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