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Problems with hardware for energy metering? No More! Get a free guide, a step-by-step checklist and access to a full video training session about how to create a winning energy metering strategy, no matter which project you face. Created by and for energy managers that care about getting the best data to perform the BEST energy analysis for their projects!

Hardware used for energy metering is usually a source of many questions:

  • What devices are available on the market?
  • How should I measure each energy source?
  • How can I recommend hardware to a fresh new project, or to one with metering devices installed?
  • What’s the best way to communicate hardware and software?

In response to these questions, we squeezed wisdom from energy managers and our team on the most frequent stumbling blocks when it comes to energy metering hardware, and how to overcome them. We pulled it all together into a bundle of useful multimedia resources on hardware.

Energy metering can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time working on such a project. But it need not give you a headache, and with a few simple tips will be a lot easier than you think.

Finally, you can demystify energy hardware with our FREE Hardware Learning Bundle. You’ll get:

  • Video: Hardware 101 Webinar recording
  • Guide: How To Define a Winning Hardware Strategy
  • Checklist: 10 Steps To Decide Your Metering for Energy Management Strategy. A printable document you can use to work on the field with your client or prospect or the facility manager in your building to define together the needs of the project. 

Hardware doesn’t have to be hard work! 

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