How many Data Point do you need

How Do I Determine the Number of Data Points I Need?

If you have ever visited the DEXMA pricing page, you probably noticed that data points are the name of the energy data game. In fact, our platform DEXMA Energy Manager is currently supporting more than 32 million data readings every single day! But how do you know the number of data points your next project will require?

A data point is created every time an energy reading is recorded. A data point refers to a single string of data sent by any device, meter or sensor in a building or location. Remember, it doesn’t mean counting each device and meter itself! Think about data points like mathematical variables in an algebra equation.

Data points are an essential energy management concept for three main reasons:

  1. They are vital in creating a well-defined budget for your energy platform
  2. They help build a solid energy monitoring structure and
  3. They are necessary to plan a watertight energy savings strategy

If you still don’t quite get concept of data points, make sure you check out this Introduction to Data Points before jumping to figure out the number of data points you need for your energy project!

Calculating Your Ideal Number of Data Points

It goes without saying that the number of data points always depends on the different variables that need tracking in each individual energy efficiency project. Like snowflakes, every energy project is special and unique when it comes to the requisite number of data points 😉 It has therefore been difficult to generalise when people ask us about the average number of data points they needed for a typical project – until now!

Introducing the ultimate Data Point Calculator – a free Excel template to help you determine the number of data points you need for your specific energy project or location:

calculate number of data points

Try it out and let us know what you think!

If you decide that you need a more detailed proposal or help with defining other issues that may impact your energy management strategy, you can always book a free consultation with one of our energy software specialists.