Extending Beyond Energy Efficiency: Demand Response [GUIDE]

Although many energy professionals are using these terms interchangeably, Demand Response (DR) and Demand-Side Management (DSM) are not the same thing.

However, they can definitely complement one another to help ESCOs deliver more successful, complete and effective energy management services. Advanced flexibility solutions like demand response also offer benefits beyond cost savings that typically come from energy efficiency alone.

Our latest free-to-download guide was created for energy professionals that are looking to incorporate advanced demand-side management applications and demand response into their service offering.

demand response guide

Advanced Applications for Demand-Side Management

Reducing energy costs is among the core aims of ESCOs, energy managers, facility managers and building operators, but it can be done in countless ways.

Since these techniques approach energy consumption from the consumer side, they fall under the category of Demand Side Management. Not only do DSM programs contribute to environmental objectives set by governments (that must be realised by ESCOs), but also offer unprecedented opportunities for energy professionals to help their commercial and industrial clients reap multiple economic benefits – including cost savings and generating new revenue streams through advanced flexibility solutions like demand response.

The aim of this white paper is to show how energy services companies can use demand-side management as a first step towards becoming “demand response-enabled”, starting with novel technology applications that optimise energy consumption in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

It will also help energy professionals understand and prepare for the coming wave of demand response, which is “having a moment” as smart metering programs proliferate and balancing supply and demand becomes more difficult and costlier than ever.

Ready to get in on the demand response action? Download your free PDF copy below:

demand response guide