How to estimate ROI in a Restaurant Energy Efficiency Project

Whether you manage a single restaurant or thousands of locations in a chain, it’s important to understand the energy behaviour of your facilities. And as the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t monitor. A smart system helps you get the full picture of what’s going on in your building(s) so you can make energy-intelligent business decisions for your restaurant chain.

What’s more today’s data-driven energy management solutions can optimise and even maximise that savings potential. These smart systems also tend to keep customers, kitchen staff, and service staff more comfortable and productive. Increased comfort and lower energy costs are a no brainer!

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Energy budget planning for Restaurants: Calculate your ROI

To learn how to overcome these and build energy management directly into your restaurant business, or find out which should be your energy budget, start calculating the estimated investment and ROI for your Restaurant Energy Efficiency Project.

The first question you’ll ask yourself about your Energy Efficiency plan as a restaurant manager:

“How much am I really going to save in my food services or restaurants?”

Until recently, answering this question involved complicated calculations.

Those headaches go away with our calculator: DEXMA Detect. (formerly calle Energy Grader)

The next logical question you will ask yourself is:

“How much will it cost my business to manage the energy of each of the restaurants or the chain as a whole?”

Or, in other words, how much do we really need to invest in the energy management for our restaurant chain?

We know how long it can take to prepare these numbers, so we’ve created a simple, easy-to-use, ready-to-use Excel template. This will help you answer your specific questions about the energy costs of the establishments in your restaurant chain more accurately.

You just have to enter a few numbers to find out:

  • How much investment they will need for the first year of the project in your restaurants or food services.
  • How much you will need to invest in hardware, software, services and refurbishments
  • ROI for your Restaurant Energy Efficiency Project per year, detailed for the first and second year and forecast for 10 years.


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Understanding the Energy Efficiency Budget Estimate for your Restaurant

On your energy efficiency budget plan, you will see the budget divided into hardware, software and services & retrofits:

If you look, the 10% rule (or a monthly billing rule) is met during the first year.

The investment in the second year will mostly correspond to the investment needed to obtain the potential savings estimated by Energy Grader. Assuming you want to maintain the energy savings for your restaurants over time, you only need to apply the savings generated during the first month of the project to the adaptation of the rest of the energy management plan and create synergies to continue saving energy. In this way, your ROI will be shorter, you will only have savings, and you will achieve a successful Restaurant Energy Efficiency Project.

Now that you now how to estimate ROI and budget for your Energy Efficiency Food Services Project, Why don’t you download our complete guide for Energy Intelligent Restaurants? Learn how smart energy solutions optimise services and cut cost.

Energy Efficiency in Restaurants