Top 10 Content on Energy Efficiency 2019

Top 10 Content on Energy Efficiency 2019

Energy efficiency and sustainability have been more present than ever this 2019 and we have confirmed it with events such as Sustainable Energy Week, FreeElectron, European Utility Week, COP25, etc. In our last article of the year, we want to review all the content created for the DEXMA Community and have a look at the topics have been of most interest to you. So… here you have the TOP 10 Content on Energy Efficiency 2019:

Analyzing the visits to our blog articles and the most downloaded materials (such as guides, case studies, webinars, excel templates, etc) we have obtained this super TOP 10 list:

1.  3 Challenges of Energy Managers in 2019 – Blog-Post

3 Challenges of Energy Managers 2019If you remember, at the beginning of the year we launched the “The State of the Energy Management 2019”, where you could find the most outstanding statistics of the survey made to +300 energy professionals a month before. From this data, we knew which were the most important challenges for the Energy Manager and we summarised them in an article, which was of great interest to the community – and we didn’t make it up ourselves you told us so.


Energy Efficiency For Banking And Financial Entities2. How to create Energy Efficiency Plan for Banking & Financial Entities – Guide

Do you know how bank offices and branches consume energy?

More than 60% of the energy cost is due to their air conditioning and lighting systems.

Reducing these high costs is a challenge for any energy manager, as well as convincing purchasing managers, managers and others of the ROI of an energy efficiency project.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and this year we created one guide to help you achieve it. With this specialised guide in the Banking sector, you will learn:

  • What are the energy challenges of a bank?
  • How branches and bank offices consume energy.
  • What are the phases to implement a good efficient energy management plan
  • You will learn about the eight most advanced energy analysis tools for banks.


Certifications BREEAM, LEED, WELL, PASSIVAUS3. Green Building Certifications: BREEAM, LEED, WELL & Passivhaus – Blog-Post

This article is made especially for professionals of the construction and Real Estate sector since we explain to you the 4 most known standards of sustainable design for buildings. Take a look at them and decide which one is the most suitable for your buildings. When you read it, you’ll understand why it’s on this list. 


Improve the energy behaviour in energy management4. How to include the Human Factor in your Energy Efficiency Strategy – Webinar

Involving the people who work and use the buildings and different facilities is key to achieving the Efficiency and Sustainability Goals of any organisation. In this video-training, which had more than 200 registrants, the expert in energy behaviour Galdric Ruiz gives us a new vision of energy management, examples of real cases in which human involvement meant great savings, and teaches us some tools on which to support our management.


What is the Dow Jones Sustainability Index5. Everything you need to know about the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – Blog-Post

Do you know of any index that values and measures the level of sustainability of companies? We do, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, a highly rated index among green investors. Learn more about this index in this article, perhaps the most visited of all during the year. 


Energy-Efficient Workplace

6. 5 Tips for a more Energy-Efficient Workplace – Blog-Post

Having a comfortable and sustainable workplace must go hand in hand today. Many times we don’t know what to do to make these 2 points improve notably in our offices, factories, shops, restaurants, etc. In one of our most popular articles of 2019, we helped you in this arduous task with 5 ideas to make your work area more energy-efficient and sustainable. I hope it inspires you!


Energy Conservation Measures7. Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs): How to know where to invest – Webinar

In one of our webinars of the year, we told you that Energy Conservation Measures could be implemented in your energy projects. Nil Bufí – Energy Management Expert – and Roger Marcos – Business Development Manager – gave us a masterclass on:

  • Types of ECMs (Energy Conservation Measures) to be carried out. 
  • On what data (kWh or Euro) to base ourselves to talk with the client about the ECMs to be taken.
  • Which energy analysis tools to use for decision making.

We’ll leave it on the list for you too, so you can watch it whenever you want. 


Earth Day8. 5 Ideas for celebrating Earth Day for energy professionals – Blog-Post

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, and to celebrate it we gave you 5 ideas to improve Energy Efficiency and make our planet a more sustainable place. Many of you loved this blog post. We leave it here again for you to put these ideas into practice for the new year.


4 Key points of the European Energy Efficiency Directive9. 4 Key Points of the European Energy Efficiency Directive – Blog-Post

As you know, the European Union is one of the major drivers of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability worldwide. And to achieve this, it is creating different directives and regulations on Energy and Energy Efficiency that aim to achieve energy saving objectives for all sectors (companies, administration, households). In one of our most-read articles, we give you 4 key points of the update of the Energy Efficiency Directive in 2018 Although now comes a new update which we will tell you about in the 2020 blog. 


Apps most used by Energy Managers10. The 6 most used Apps by Energy Managers – Blog-Post

This year we wondered which were the most popular Apps for the Energy Manager of DEXMA Community. After analysing the activity on the DEXMA Platform over the last 2 years, we have concluded that the managers’ preferred Apps are 6. Find out in this article what they are and what they consist of. 

What do you think of this TOP 10 Energy Efficiency 2019 content?

As always you can find a wide variety of content related to energy efficiency and management both in our blog and among the materials we create annually. If you like what you have found here and want to be among the first to hear about our latest Guides, Webinars, articles, etc. I encourage you to subscribe to the DEXMA Community.

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