[Webinar] How to Detect Energy Savings in Retail & Real Estate

[Webinar] How to Detect Energy Savings in Retail & Real Estate

In this Webinar, we will tell you how to classify buildings according to their savings potential. This will help you to start your energy efficiency projects in the most interesting buildings.

As we know, one of the professionals who finds more difficulties in these tasks is those belonging to the Retail and Real Estate sector (who usually manage a large volume of buildings) we have focused the seminar on them.

What will you learn this time?

correct-symbol Perform a virtual audit with results in just 7 days,

correct-symbol Detect energy savings and select the buildings with the best savings opportunities,

correct-symbol Move from detection to action with the selected Energy Service Company,

correct-symbol Obtain and follow up on recommendations.

If you work in the industry or manage a large volume of buildings, this Webinar is for you.

Watch the Webinar here now!
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