The Power of Real-Time Data Managing Energy with Energy Dashboards

The Power of Real-Time Data: Managing Energy with Dashboards

As businesses and organisations worldwide shift their focus to sustainable operations, energy efficiency has become a top priority. However, managing and optimising energy usage can be a complex and time-consuming task, requiring significant resources and expertise. That’s where Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards come in. Our powerful tool helps you easily monitor and analyse your energy usage, identify inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to improve your energy performance. In this article, we will explore the transformative potential of our energy dashboards. We will delve into their key features, benefits, and applications across various sectors.

Unlocking Energy Efficiency: Harnessing the Power of Energy Dashboards

In an era marked by growing concerns about energy consumption, environmental sustainability, and rising costs, the need for efficient energy management has become paramount. Fortunately, emerging technologies are empowering individuals and organisations to take control of their energy usage like never before. At the forefront of this movement, we can find energy dashboards, powerful tools that provide real-time insights into energy consumption patterns and pave the way for smarter, more sustainable energy practices.

Energy dashboards serve as the digital eyes and ears of energy management systems, enabling us to monitor, analyse, and optimise our energy usage with unprecedented precision. With their intuitive interfaces, visually engaging displays, and data-driven insights, these dashboards are revolutionising the way we approach energy management in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

What can I do with Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards?

Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards enable organisations to track and monitor their energy usage in real-time, across multiple buildings and locations. This gives you unprecedented visibility into your energy usage patterns, allowing you to identify areas where you can optimise your energy usage and reduce costs.

With Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards, you can:

  • Monitor your energy usage in real-time, which will give you the insights needed to optimise your energy performance;
  • View energy consumption trends over time;
  • Identify areas where you can reduce energy usage and costs:  by analysing your energy data, you can quickly pinpoint areas where you are using too much energy or where your systems aren’t functioning optimally;
  • Optimise your energy usage: armed with this data, you can then make data-driven decisions to optimise your energy usage, reducing waste, and saving money;
  • Track the progress of your energy-saving initiatives;
  • Generate always up to date reporting dashboards to help you make data-driven decisions.

Our Dashboards are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you can start using them right away. They are fully customisable, allowing you to choose the data and metrics that are most important to you.

You can select the source of data that you want to analyse, whether it’s raw consumption or temperature data, energy savings tracked via IPMVP protocol or energy cost data, and then select how you want to display it with a wide range of widgets such as KPIs, gauges or charts (line, bar, pie, heat map…)

Once you have added some widgets, you can rearrange the layout to suit your needs, and you can share the dashboard with colleagues, so that they help you finish it, or share it with the customers so they are aware of their energy consumption metrics and can act accordingly.

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How can Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards help me report Energy Savings faster?

Are you tired of sifting through endless spreadsheets and data to understand your building’s energy consumption? We have an exciting new solution that will transform the way you manage and report on your building’s energy usage.

One of the most powerful features of Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards is the ability to generate external URL links to specific dashboard views. This makes it easy to share your energy usage data with stakeholders, such as energy managers, facility managers or customers.

By sharing these links, you can provide real-time access to your energy usage data, enabling stakeholders to see the progress of your energy-saving initiatives and track the impact on your consumption.

Once created, the dashboards are updated automatically, as new data arrives and is processed by the platform, so that you don’t have to run through that spreadsheet every time you need to report to your customer.

How do Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards help me deliver value to customers?

Another powerful feature of Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards is the ability to create pinned dashboards. Pinned dashboards will become the landing page for the Energy Management System platform, so that when customers login, the first thing they will see is the dashboard you prepared so that they can start getting valuable insights without even having to click through. 

You can define reference devices for your buildings, to indicate if a consumption represents the fiscal metre of the building or the HVAC. The pinned dashboard will reflect the data for those reference devices, allowing you to zoom in on the consumption of a building or see KPIs and charts with data aggregated for your whole portfolio. You don’t have to make a new dashboard for every building, the data in the dashboard adapts to the hierarchy level you want to see with one click.

With this access to adaptive real-time data, your customers can make informed decisions about their energy usage and costs.

Are Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards for me?

Whether you are a facility manager, energy consultant, or sustainability professional, if you are part of an organisation that wants to optimise energy usage, reduce costs, and meet sustainability goals, then Dexma (Spacewell Energy) Dashboards is the right tool for you.

Our Energy Dashboards are designed to be customisable, so they can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Whether you manage a single building or a large portfolio of properties, Spacewell Energy Dashboards can help you manage your energy usage more effectively.

Finally, Spacewell Energy Dashboards are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. This makes it easy for you to start using the dashboards right away, without the need for extensive training or technical expertise.

If you’re looking for a powerful, user-friendly tool to help you manage and report on your building’s energy consumption, look no further than Spacewell Energy Dashboards. With real-time data visualisation, external URL links, and the ability to fully customise what you show, Spacewell Energy Dashboards is the perfect solution for any building professional.

Ready to join us on this energy management journey as we unlock the true potential of energy dashboards and discover how they can revolutionise the way you consume and manage energy? From real-time monitoring to actionable insights, prepare to embark on a path towards greater efficiency, cost savings, and environmental consciousness.

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Editor’s note – This article was written by our Product Expert

Jordi Garcia - Product ManagerJordi Garcia works as Product Manager for Dexma Analyse. Thanks to his expertise, Jordi continually improves the functionality of the Analysis tool and helps users get the most out of it for their energy management.