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Top 10 Topics on Energy Management 2021

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We have the Top 10 Most Visited Energy Publications by Professionals of the sector within the DEXMA Community. Find out what are the most interesting topics to energy experts like you below, and broaden your knowledge of energy management:

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1. Study on European Energy consumption before and after Covid-19 [CONCLUSIONS]

We can say that this was our most popular article during 2021 among DEXMA Community followers. 

After all that happened during 2020, knowing about the changes in Europe’s energy behaviour was of great importance. What has changed in energy consumption due to the pandemic, including European energy consumption in stores, industries and offices? 

So we set to work and conducted a study of energy consumption before and after Covid-19.

From where we compiled the 10 most important conclusions that you can find here.

2. How to Measure the Indoor Air Quality of your Buildings

The interest in monitoring the indoor air quality in buildings has grown during the past 2 years, since we have been gradually returning to offices, restaurants and public buildings in general.

In this popular DEXMA article, you will learn what we understand by Indoor Air Quality, what factors influence it, and why you should measure it. 

Furthermore, you will find out different options to measure and monitor the indoor air quality, with 3 use cases as an example.

3. How to Automate your Energy Management Process, and Get Value from every single Data Reading [WEBINAR Recording] 

This webinar was – and still is – one of the most viewed video recordings of our videos library. Why is it so popular? 

Imagine you have huge energy data to analyse, but you never have enough time to devote to this part of energy management. This will cause you to lose valuable information that can allow you to detect relevant anomalies when they happen, focus on solutions and optimise your energy consumption. In other words, you will miss an energy’s information that allows you to make decisions quicker.

Thanks to this webinar,  you will discover a tool that automates 24/7 Energy Management service powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

4. What is ISO 50001 Certification and How to Get it? [WEBINAR Recording]

ISO 50001, as you know, is the standard dedicated to the energy management system of organisations. And it’s the most popular international standard.

It was created in 2011 and its latest version is from 2018, when it was updated. 

Applications for this standard have increased, due to the need to comply with energy transition and sustainability regulations for all organisations.

Whether your company is ISO 50001 Certified or not, here’s a recap on what it consists of and how to obtain or renew it. We encourage you to watch our latest webinar recording on ISO 50001

5. Annual Energy Professional Event: DEXMA Day 2021 [ENERGY EVENT Recording]

This is undoubtedly our most popular event of the year: DEXMA Day.

It is an event dedicated to energy professionals or those interested in energy management and efficiency. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled in 2020, but it was resumed in 2021 with 100% virtual versions, which even increased the participation rate compared to previous years. Indeed, we had a record number of +400 attendees!

But what made this event so popular? 

The event started with an opening session where the participants discovered the future of DEXMA’s Platform, with a specific focus on DEXMA Optimise, the 24/7 automated energy management solution powered by artificial intelligence. After that, the participants could access different topic sessions such as:

  • How to improve energy efficiency step by step.
  • What is the utility of the future.
  • And, how to boost their outcomes as a DEXMA Customer.

If you couldn’t join, and you are curious to know more about it, you will be able to access all the DEXMA Day Event recordings here!

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6. Carbon Neutrality or Climate Neutrality: What is the Difference?

Carbon and climate neutrality are two of the main objectives for organisations and countries to be more sustainable and careful with the planet. The terms are complementary but not interchangeable, so it’s important for you to understand the difference and to avoid existing misconceptions.

While the concept of carbon neutrality is focused on CO2 emissions, climate neutrality is a wider concept referring to the reduction of all greenhouse gas emissions, not only CO2.

Learn more about these two concepts, their implications and some tips to help you monitor and reduce emissions in this article.

7. Photovoltaics and Building Efficiency towards a Net Zero Energy Building

The built environment is one of the most energy consuming industries, both during the construction period and during the life of the building. Building managers and energy professionals have an enormous challenge and an opportunity to improve their buildings’ performance and achieve net-zero emissions.

Have you heard of the NZEB model? It is still an evolving concept but, simply put, it is a building with net zero energy consumption. Although challenging, this can be achieved with a mix of energy reduction strategies, photovoltaics for energy generation and reselling.

Read this article to discover further details on how the NZEB model can be achieved and read about a real example in Madrid.

8. What is the Role of the Data Hubs for Digital Consumers?

Historically, consumers’ only knowledge of their energy use has been through their paper bills from their energy supplier. According to statistics, only 11% of users understand their invoices.

The advent of data platforms such as Energy Data Hubs is revolutionising the consumer’s role in the energy transition. 

Did you already know about this concept? Have you worked with such energy data platforms? 

Dive into this article and find out what an Energy Data Hub is, and what are the benefits of these data platforms for consumers. 

9. Energy Performance Contract: What is the Best Tool to Track the Progress of your Roadmap?

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a tool that links an organisation with an energy services provider to establish energy reduction based on a commitment between the two parties.

As an energy professional, being energy efficient and improving your energy performance are key priorities, and an EPC can help you achieve them. This article has generated interest among energy professionals who want to be more organised on their journey to energy efficiency.

Sounds complicated? Learn more about EPC and how the DEXMA Platform can help you monitor your progress and ensure your success here. 

10. What is EMAS Environmental Certification, and How does an EMS Help you to Get it?

Being energy-efficient and sustainable is an obligation and a must for all organisations today, that is clear. However, it is not a necessity that has arisen in this millennium – it has been a necessity since the last century. 

For this reason, sustainability certificates such as EMAS have emerged over the last decades. 

It is an environmental management and audit tool created by the European Commission, which any type of organisation can use to improve its environmental performance. And, since 2010 it is open for any organisation worldwide. 

Are you looking for a sustainable certification like this? Find out more about EMAS Certification and how Energy Efficiency can help you to get it in this article.

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