Future-Proof Utilities: 20 Pathways to Transformation [eBook]

It’s a brave new energy world out there.

As energy supply and distribution is becoming more decentralised and renewable sources approach ubiquity, new actors are entering the energy value chain – including utility end customers who are becoming their own power producers.

Do utilities still have a role in this disrupted energy value chain? Some would say it’s adapt or die – or in the best case scenario, that utilities no longer sit at the centre of the power ecosystem.

After doing some digging into this topic, the big picture isn’t all doom and gloom for utilities. Our decade of experience as energy tech experts tells us that utilities have more than enough potential to excel at and benefit from digital transformation to the energy cloud – it’s not a question of if or when, but how.

How Future-Proof Utilities Are Advancing Digital Transformation

In our latest free eBook, we delve into the “how” of utilities’ digital transformation with more than 20 concrete examples that you can apply to your business today.

We’ll cover how utilities are integrating new technologies, elevating their customer experience as well as different methods for approaching innovation.

You’ll also find an overview of emerging business models that some first-mover energy providers and retailers are already experimenting with, playing to their specific strengths.

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