ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001 Certification: what is it and why you should get it [WEBINAR]

Complying with industry standards, reducing costs and saving on energy…

If these are familiar terms, or even your business’ objectives, you will be interested in our webinar about the ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification.

This international standard has been designed to help organisations be more proactive, organised and efficient with their energy management.

Many organisations, like yours, are doing well in reducing their energy consumption and being more efficient. Maybe you have an Energy Management System in place, an Energy Manager fully dedicated to it, or a roadmap to reduce your energy consumption.

But is this enough? 

You can always go one step further thanks to certifications such as ISO 50001! 

After all, the ISO 50001 Standard is also a tool for continuous improvement, so you keep up with the good practices and look for improvement on an ongoing basis.

Ok, all this sounds great, but you’re probably still wondering why you need this certification and how to implement it.

Get answers to these and other questions about this standard for energy management systems in our webinar.

Discover all you need to know about the ISO 50001 Certification, its history, its reputation worldwide, how to achieve it and how the DEXMA Platform can help you in the process. Watch the Video Recording here!

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