4 New Companies in Energy Efficiency Join DEXMA

4 New Companies in Energy Efficiency Join DEXMA

DEXMA’s worldwide partner community keeps growing and this time we would like to welcome 4 brand new companies in Energy Efficiency from the United States, India, and Spain.  We are glad to announce that we now operate with 194 partners in 30 different countries. You can also join DEXMA!

DEXMA’s Partner Program is a full-service channel program that is 100% committed to Partner success. From comprehensive training to sales enablement, DEXMA will do what it takes to help Energy Services Companies, Utilities, VARs and Integrators offer DEXMA’s Energy Management Software as a solution to maximize customers’ savings.

Take a peek at our new Partners:

The United States

Minimise USA

Minimise USA LLC, was founded in 2011 for the sole purpose of bringing innovation in Energy Efficiency Measures to the US/North and Central American markets. As an ESCO, Minimise USA, offers its local, regional, and national clients ZERO cost energy efficiency solutions based on a uniquely designed and customized Shared Saving Program. Unlike the common SSPs, Minimise USA applies a multiplicity of EEMs working in concert along with DEXMA monitoring achieving maximized bottom-line savings.



Eco Energies india

Eco Energies: Over the years, Eco Energies has amassed immense experience in the field of Energy Consulting and now have many successful Energy Efficiency Projects performed for Indian Corporations. Eco Energies is the result of dedicated research in energy and sustainability. Their expert team offers a unique consortium comprising Engineers, Scientists, Policy Analysts, Software Experts, and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (B.E.E) certified Energy Auditors.


Ambar - Seguridad y Energía

Ambar – Seguridad y Energía: Ambar is an installation and maintenance company of security systems and energy. They are present in Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla León, Cataluña, Galicia, Madrid, and País Vasco. Ambar offers a comprehensive service ranging from consulting, installation, and maintenance.


TFM Energía Solar Fotovoltaica

TFM Energía Solar Fotovoltaica: TFM company from the COMSA-EMTE group, was founded in 1992 and has grown side by side with solar energy, playing an important role at the European level. Currently, it has specialized in photovoltaic auto-consumption and the introduction of the “Smart Building” concept.


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