Top 10 most read Blog Posts on Energy Management in 2018

Top 10 most read Blog Posts on Energy Management in 2018

Another year has run out, full of novelties and energy content. You have probably found thousands of articles about energy, energy management, efficiency, new technologies, and more, but … which were the most searched topics about energy in 2018? We tell you about it below.

Top 10 most read BlogPosts on Energy Management in 2018

In order to find out which were the most searched topics in 2018, we’ve analysed all visits to DEXMA’s blog which is specialised in energy issues, technological innovations, energy management, and much more.

As a result, we have drawn a list of the most visited articles, from which you’ll pick conclusions such as:

  • What has been the most sought-after topics by professionals in the sector.
  • What attracts the most interest in the energy market.
  • What are the novelties and trends of the year mostly looked up by your competitors

In order not to give you a long list of 30 articles, we have selected the 10 articles which had most visits. Here they are:

  1. How to Add you Energy Manager Certification to LinkedIn.

    In this article, you’ll find the steps you must follow to add your EM Certification to your LinkedIn Profile. Though it was written a year ago, it might still be useful for you.

  2. All you need to know about ISO 41001 for Facility Management.

    This year we highlighted the publication of different ISOs and their updates, of which the ISO 41001 stands out, specializing in the facility management sector. ISO 41001 was one of the last standards published to help facility managers achieve optimal efficiency. If you want to know more about it, just check this article.

  3. The 9 Major updates in ISO 50001:2018

    Following the trend of ISO updates, and the one corresponding to ISO 50001:2018 for energy management was highlighted, as it can be applied in all sectors.

  4. Switch to Smart Restaurant: 5 Best Practice

    Maybe you already know some smart restaurant, but is it using smart energy tech? In this article, you can find out 5 practices to apply in a restaurant to be more efficient and smart.

  5. Gamification for Energy Management: the new trend

    Gamification. What does it mean? Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational-professional environment in order to achieve better results: it serves to absorb knowledge, to improve some ability to reward concrete actions. And, what is gamifying energy? That’s what you’ll find out here.

  6. How to Integrate Energy Analysis with Energy Control

    Learn the differences between control automation and energy control. Meet the last technologies that offer advanced energy control, proactive control and involve the tenant and user for greater control. If you’re an energy professional that works in the real estate sector, here you’ll find a lot of interesting information to help you move on to the next professional level.

  7. Energy Reporting: 3 tools that can ruin your reports

    Energy reporting requires time and effort that cannot be wasted on mistakes. In this article, we tell you what tools you should avoid to speed up the creation of final reports.

  8. 7 Energy Management Challenges of the Real Estate & Facility Management Market.

    This is another article related to Energy Management in Real Estate, where you’ll find out 2 infographics: one shows you the general challenges of the real estate market and facility management sector, and in the other one you’ll find out 7 energy management challenges in building portfolios. Click on the article and have a look!

  9. How to estimate ROI and Budget in a Restaurant Energy Efficiency Project

    Whether you manage a single restaurant or thousands of locations in a chain, it’s important to understand the energy behavior of your facilities. Calculating the estimated investment and ROI for a Restaurant Energy Efficiency Project isn’t an easy task. We explained to you how to do it.

  10. 8 Advanced Energy Analysis Tools for Facility Management

    Before you saw how to integrate energy analysis and control, but how do you analyse the energy of a multitude of locations and buildings of different types?
    Simple, with advanced energy management, but you can’t do with any tool. In this article, you’ll meet 8 tools which allow you to carry out this type of energy analysis.

As you can see there are many topics on energy and energy management dealt with in the blog that is sought by professionals. But this is just a list of the most visited, in the blog you’ll find hundreds of articles and resources of great help. Take a look here and subscribe to keep up to date in the new year.

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