What is the State of the Energy Sector? 4th DEXMA Survey on Energy and Innovation

No one knows how an airplane works better than a pilot. Similarly, no one knows more about the energy sector and energy efficiency than those of you who work in the industry everyday. That’s why we invite you to participate in the fourth edition of our annual survey on Energy, Technology and Innovation.

5 Things we Learned from the 2018 Survey

In each survey, we get different feedback, and we learn new things. Summarising everything learned in the last 3 surveys would make this article very long, but for you to understand the importance of this annual study, here’s a quick review of some of the lessons from our 2018 energy survey:

  1. Most energy managers managed <50 buildings. These energy efficiency projects weren’t just single site, among them there were projects with multiple locations. Only 14% managed more than 100 locations.
  2. 46% of energy professionals told us that it was a big challenge to quickly and economically identify which buildings to focus on.
  3. 29% of the professionals told us in our 2018 study that they had difficulty convincing their clients when auditing some buildings.
  4. The biggest challenge in energy management for companies was to generate and maintain savings.
  5. And surprisingly, 27% of energy efficiency professionals still worked with Excel spreadsheets for analysis, monitoring and final reporting.

Well if you were one of the participants in the 2018 study, you’ll remember these facts and many more when you downloaded the report and its infographics. In addition to these details, with our annual survey, we also discover trends in innovation. Last year’s participants, for example, put a great emphasis on intelligent Chat-Bots, which are currently on the rise.

And in 2019, what will happen? How has 2018 evolved?

You’ll get the answer to these questions and more if you participate in our 2019 annual survey, it’ll only take you 5 minutes and you’ll get valuable information in return.
Energy Survey 2019

Why Participate in the State of Energy Management, Efficiency and Innovation 2019

As I told you we repeat our annual survey, to be exact is our 4th survey on energy, energy management and innovation. And why do we repeat this survey annually?

We do it for 2 reasons:

1 – From our survey, you’ll obtain information of great value to you, as a professional.

For example, we obtain data such as:

  • The biggest challenge for energy professionals,
  • % invested by companies in energy management plans,
  • Whether activity has increased or decreased in the efficiency industry,
  • The innovations that your peers (and competitors) will closely follow this year?
  • And much more…

Thanks to all this information, professionals like you can stay up to date on the energy efficiency sector with an advantage over others – after analyzing the data we send the report to all survey participants.

2 – You’ll have a bird’s eye view, and nail your planning for 2019.

If you know the state of the energy sector, energy management, and technological innovations to improve the energy efficiency of your customers or your own company, you can better plan your actions and set realistic objectives for next year.

*TIP: Remember, when you write your energy management targets for 2019, these should be “smart goals”.

If you’re interested in participating, you can do it with a single click and in 5 minutes you’re done! Remember, when we gather all the information, we will prepare our report and we’ll share it with all of you. You’ll receive it at the end of January. In addition, we’re offering one lucky survey participant a 100€ Amazon gift card!

Energy & Innovation Survey 2019