An International Women’s Day message from the #WomenInEnergy at DEXMA

On International Women’s Day we want to inspire and encourage all women to share their dreams, hopes and passion. Today, the women of DEXMA have a very special message for our fellow #WomenInEnergy everywhere…

Today, International Women’s Day, the women of DEXMA join the #BeBoldForChange campaign by sharing their passion, experience and advice by answering three important questions for women in tech & STEM:

  • Why did you become an engineer?
  • What’s the most exciting part of working in the energy industry?
  • What advice would you give to women pursuing STEM or technological careers?

Turn the subtitles on and join us: #BeBoldForChange!

In Their Own Words: #WomenInEnergy Speak Up

Here are some of our favourite quotes from the #WomenInEnergy at DEXMA:

“I became an engineer because it’s the most practical way of making an impact.”

Laura Martinez, R&D Project Manager

“Never underestimate your capacity to learn. Go for it, take risks!”

Nicole Harper, Content Manager

“Even though I’m not in direct contact with the technical part of energy management as an administrative assistant, I love the idea of helping others save energy for a greener planet.”

Raluca Chirita, Administrative Assistant

“Change the feeling of being the only woman to being the first. More will come later, you’re just the first one there!”

María Fernández, Marketing Manager

“I love that we make an impact creating sustainable companies by generating energy savings.”

– Mª Carmen Flores, Financial Controller

“Become an engineer! We need women in our profession, we need to fix the mistakes men made in the past ;)”

– Irene Šimić, Customer Success Manager

“Don’t overthink it if you feel discriminated against. You’re better than them!”

Pinelopi Spyropoulou, Product Associate

From all of us at DEXMA, thank you to all the present and future #WomenInEnergy. We also want to thank our male colleagues for their support and encouragement in our struggle for equality.

Although we are already a quite few #WomenInEnergy on the DEXMA team, there’s always room for a few more 😉 If you are an up and coming energy professional, get in touch!