Public buildings save energy with DEXCell Energy Manager

Learn about 2 case studies of Public Buildings that saved energy by using an Energy Management Software:

‘Cèntric’ is a cultural building of reference in the city of El Prat de Llobregat, in the province of Barcelona. The municipal centre monitors carefully its energy expenditure. This is made possible by the software DEXCell Energy Manager, which is an energy management tool that allows them to understand, through sensors, the building’s energy consumption in real time.

A central computer gets all this information from several facilities, where they can detect sudden changes in the expenditure with the help of graphs. Therefore, ‘Centric’ can act and correct immediately. Moreover, every employee of the centre is informed about the energy bills that the Town Hall pays for the building they work in. This way, employees are encouraged to implement positive energy habits themselves. What did they achieve? They cut the energy bill by 25% with respect to the last 5 years. This represents a quarter of a million euros annually.

Meanwhile, Sant Boi de Llobregat‘s Town Hall has also executed energy efficiency measures. They advise citizens on the actual electricity power needed in a specific household, information studied by technicians. Thereby, they evaluate if households use more power than necessary.

Download some more case studies of a Hotel and School: 

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