Getting Creative on Energy Efficiency Day with #EEHaiku

Happy #EEDay2017!

Today marks the convergence of a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, and utilities to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency as part of the second annual Energy Efficiency Day.

The message of Energy Efficiency Day 2017 is simple: “Save energy. Save money.”

Here at DEXMA, we get excited at any occasion to celebrate energy efficiency. But we were extra inspired by last year’s #EEHaiku hashtag and the team decided to come up with a few of our own:

New Call-to-action

this is all about
energy we once had
now running out
-Athanasios Chalas, Dev


Check out biomass
It’s cheaper than natural gas
Track it in DEXMA!
-Edu Fonts, Sales

Buildings get smart when
combine for EE
-Miguel Cruz, R&D

Energy you use
not just affects your pocket
-Joan Pinyol, CEO
To save energy
then check what to do
 -Daniel Utges, Product
Turn off the lights now
Open the windows instead
The Sun has no price
-MC Flores, Admin

Our EE mantra:
Detect, Analyse, Control
3 ways to save cash!
-Nicole Harper, Marketing

Consume what you need
And produce with sun and wind
You’ll be an NZEB!
-Guillem Corominas, CTO
by way of the force you’ll be
energy jedi
-Xavi Novella, Ops
Don’t know where to start?
DEXMA Detect can help
you save fearlessly!
-Daniel Utges, Product

For energy now
Nothing better than a new
BEMS tool
-Laura Martinez, R&D

Yes to the savings
Down with extra consumption
Analyse it all!
-Cristina Teba, Marketing

Track energy spend
to improve your consumption
Everybody wins
-MC Flores, Admin

Hey, we’re poets and we didn’t even know it!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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