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Enhance Your Energy Reporting with Granular Data [WEBINAR]

The ROI of your energy efficiency projects can vary according to a wide range of factors, including the types and technical configurations of energy-consuming systems, available resources and regulatory codes.

But are you overlooking the value that granular context can bring to your energy reporting? Can you pinpoint the effect your clients’ operating hours has on energy efficiency project ROI?

Now there’s an app to enhance your energy reporting power even further. Read on to learn more…

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How Granular Energy Reporting Boosts Project ROI

Did you know? Energy efficiency projects involving systems or facilities exposed to the most hours of daily use are more likely to benefit from accelerated and shorter payback periods.

Further, scientific evidence suggests that feedback related to energy consumption during specific time periods can have a powerful impact on behaviour change – the holy grail of energy productivity in every business.

This principle has been proven beyond businesses too – in households, for example, providing granular feedback on electricity use corresponds with an average savings of around 4.5%.

In another study, researchers found that time-bound feedback on energy consumption can even prompt investments in more energy efficient technologies or lead to permanent habitual changes, such as switching off or re-programming equipment.

Zooming in on Operating Hours

So what exactly do we mean by context and feedback in the world of energy consumption?

Take for example the ability to zoom in on operating hours (splitting parts of the 24-hour day) to define energy usage and create reports for periods specific to your business and its actual consumption patterns.

Once you can compare shift performance in terms of energy usage, pinpointing exactly where the biggest savings opportunities are and when to implement them becomes easier than ever.

Though you might have little to no control over how operating hours or scheduling is actually implemented in your business, our newest app clarifies the relationship between operating hours and energy consumption to make an even stronger case to apply the energy-saving measures your company needs.

Meet the Operating Hours App

In this free live training session, you will:

  • Learn the importance of syncing the time bands you actually consume energy with real-life use cases.
  • Meet the newest addition to the Energy Apps Market for DEXMA Energy Intelligence Platform: the Operating Hours App
  • Understand how this new app can help add granularity to your energy reporting and generate a faster ROI for your energy efficiency projects

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