DEXMA Elements for Energy Efficiency

3 Elements in DEXMA that will put you ahead of the Energy Efficiency game

In the first part of this trilogy we talked about the reasons why it makes no sense to continue with a manual process by showing the limitations this mechanism poses to achieving savings. The second part exposes three key features which make an energy management software overthrow rudimentary methods for good. In this third and last section we’ll mention 3 top features in an Energy Management Software solution that will put you ahead of the energy efficiency game.

Is energy management based on manual or automatic energy data collection? That is not even the appropriate question. Which mechanism allows you to achieve better results and higher savings with less time and effort? That’s more like it.

Every energy management solution has its own 3 top features, this time we’ll refer to DEXMA, the fastest growing energy management software in the market.


Concentrate on what’s Important, the Software does the Rest

Ever had to spend hours preparing reports to show overall energy consumption and cost performance?

When you go from manual to automatic, this is something for which you will no longer have to worry about.

The energy management software does the Reports for you.

You just have to choose the data you want it to display depending on who in the company you want to show it to, and you will have it ready in minutes. You will be able to communicate your energy management results by means of a comprehensive and detailed document with graphs and tables.


Come, See and Conquer

Once you start using an energy management software, you will have access to a quick overview of your facilities in real time in the main dashboard.

With an energy management solution each user in the company can have dashboards show them the most relevant information in fully configurable widgets.

Dashboards provide visibility and keep teams in sync to make the most energy efficient decisions and maximise savings.


Your Peace of Mind is Priceless

Never again be worried about losing all the work you have done after being struck by a blackout or a sudden malfunction of your computer.

DEXMA does continual backups to make sure your information is always safe and sound in the cloud.

Are you ready to make the big jump? Get more information here or access DEXMA free demo here.

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