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AI-powered Solutions for Utilities: Enhancing Customer Experience and Sustainability

In an era marked by rapid digitalisation and increased competition, utilities are facing a multitude of challenges. The days of merely selling electricity are long gone, and high energy prices have prompted customers to reevaluate their choices for energy providers. In such a dynamic landscape, utilities need innovative solutions to stay relevant, diversify their offerings, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

This blog post delves into the potential of AI-powered solutions to address the evolving needs of utilities. We will illustrate how AI can empower utilities to enhance customer experience, drive sustainability, and capitalise on new opportunities.

Utility Present-Day Challenges

In the modern utility sector, several interconnected challenges have emerged, underscoring the need for digitalisation.

These challenges span various aspects:

Customer Expectations and Loyalty

  • Profit margins from electricity sales alone have dwindled in today’s energy landscape. This has forced utilities to seek diversified income sources and discover new avenues for value creation.
  • The energy market has grown increasingly competitive, compelling utilities to vie for customers’ attention. In an overcrowded field, standing out has become more challenging than ever before.
  • High energy prices have prompted customers to reevaluate their energy providers. Consequently, utilities must offer competitive pricing and appealing services to both retain and attract customers.


  • The transition to sustainable practices is no longer optional. Companies are obliged to embark on a path to achieve net-zero emissions, showcasing their unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Government regulations and environmental concerns necessitate reducing energy consumption. As a result, utilities must explore energy efficiency solutions to meet the regulatory requirements.

To thrive in this evolving landscape, utilities must address these challenges by prioritising customer expectations and loyalty, together with sustainability goals. 

We believe digitalisation and AI to be the way to reach all these goals efficiently.

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Why you should go digital

Embracing digitalisation is crucial for utilities as it significantly enhances productivity and efficiency by simplifying processes and automating repetitive tasks. This accelerates workflows, minimises errors, and boosts overall productivity.

Digital technologies promote seamless information sharing and collaboration, which in companies as big as some utilities, enables easy access to vast information pools and fosters knowledge exchange within teams. Real-time communication, document sharing, and collaboration are facilitated, erasing geographical boundaries and expediting decision-making

Moreover, digital transformation yields valuable data insights, empowering utilities to tailor products, services, and strategies effectively, meeting diverse customer needs for optimal success. By making data-driven decisions, businesses gain a deeper understanding of market trends, customer behaviours and preferences, empowering them to tailor their products, services and marketing strategies effectively for optimal success.

Why Artificial Intelligence

With a vast portfolio and an extensive customer base spread across different countries, utilities have a massive amount of data to manage. Manually analysing this data to extract insights and make informed decisions is practically impossible, especially considering the size of their customer pool. 

To overcome this, AI serves as a powerful ally. It can efficiently process and analyse data from numerous sources, identifying opportunities for cost savings, areas for energy reduction and personalised service offerings for customers. 

AI’s ability to manage vast amounts of data in real-time is indispensable in a landscape where swift, data-driven decisions are a necessity.

Furthermore, utilities often need to find ways to generate value at a low cost. AI, through automation and intelligent data analysis, enables cost-effective operations, eliminating the need for extensive human labour and resources. This translates to significant cost savings and streamlined processes.

In the following sections, two examples are showcased: Enhancing customer experience through AI and having AI as an ally in the path to net-zero emissions.

Unlocking Customer Experience Enhancement with AI

To meet the evolving needs of customers, utilities must look beyond the traditional approaches. The modern consumer expects more than just a monthly electricity bill. They demand personalised, efficient, and sustainable solutions. 

Here’s where an AI-powered tool like Spacewell Energy Detect steps in to redefine the customer experience. These are the benefits you could obtain from using our Energy Management System (EMS):

  • Automate the process of selling energy services to customers, providing them with tailored solutions seamlessly. 
  • Adapt the offer of energy services to each of the different customer profiles within your portfolio
  • Perform rapid and insightful portfolio analyses thanks to the centralisation of customer data in one platform

This data-driven approach not only would foster more meaningful interactions with customers but would also ensure that utilities can provide more personalised and efficient solutions to meet their diverse needs. Ultimately, the combination of these features would lead to heightened customer engagement, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Data-Driven Sustainability: The Path to Net-Zero Emissions

In today’s world, the journey to sustainability is a non-negotiable requirement. Utilities are no exception, and they play a crucial role in this mission. Achieving net-zero emissions and adopting sustainable practices are not only environmental responsibilities but also business imperatives.

AI can enable utilities to offer a range of energy services focused on sustainability, including electric vehicle chargers and photovoltaic installations, but also guiding customers on ways to reduce their energy consumption

Spacewell Energy (Dexma) is the best fit for that purpose. Not only would it help in selling the energy services but it also, through its M&V functionality would provide a structured framework for reporting the savings realised through the implemented measures, giving utilities and their customers’ transparent insights into the impact of their sustainability efforts. 

Finally, Spacewell Energy (Dexma) excels in monitoring and managing solar installations. Its robust reporting capabilities would further assist utilities in tracking progress, communicating with clients and making informed decisions to align with their net-zero goals.

Why should Spacewell Energy become your partner in digital transformation and AI implementation?

Spacewell Energy (Dexma) is your ideal partner in navigating the complex terrain of digital transformation and AI implementation for several compelling reasons:

  • Our comprehensive AI solutions seamlessly address the interconnected challenges faced by utilities today, helping you enhance customer experience, drive sustainability, and unlock new opportunities.
  • With vast portfolios and widespread customer bases, utilities can rely on Spacewell Energy’s AI capabilities to effectively manage large volumes of data, ensuring swift and data-driven decision-making.
  • Our EMS not only automates the process of selling energy services to customers but also tailors solutions for diverse customer profiles, fostering loyalty and retention.
  • Our robust reporting capabilities, including M&V functionality, empower you to demonstrate the tangible benefits of sustainability measures to your customers transparently.
  • Our commitment to digitalisation and AI goes hand in hand with your transformation journey, positioning you to thrive in an evolving utility landscape.

With Spacewell Energy (Dexma) as your partner, you can efficiently navigate the shifting energy landscape, embrace digitalisation, and leverage AI to meet your customers’ evolving needs and sustainability goals.

Why do we think it is important to have a partner in the transition?

You might be thinking why are we assuming you might need a partner at all? To embark on the journey of digitalisation and AI implementation, it’s essential to create specific tools that will be in charge of generating the sought-averaged results. We have already shared with you some of the functionalities already included in the Spacewell Energy platform.

If you were to start using similar features, there are three paths you could follow: 

  • In-house Development: You could develop the features yourself. Choosing in-house development would provide the advantage of creating highly customised tools. However, the drawbacks, including substantial costs and potential delays, make this option less appealing for organisations looking for efficiency and a quick turnaround.
  • Outsourcing to a Large Provider: You could instead choose to outsource to a large provider, which would present the opportunity to establish a potential partnership with. However, concerns about the lead time, flexibility, and ongoing costs make this option less favourable for organisations seeking a streamlined and cost-effective solution.
  • Outsourcing to a Specialised Provider: Finally, you could directly outsource to a specialised provider, which would offer you immediate functionality, cost-effectiveness, ongoing support and access to innovation. While potential resistance could arise internally due to concerns about the company’s size and uniqueness, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for organisations seeking an efficient and stress-free energy intelligence management journey.

Considering the drawbacks of in-house or large-provider solutions, at Spacewell Energy (Dexma) we will always recommend exploring specialised providers. Just as organisations outsource sales tools to leaders like Salesforce, choosing a strategic partner can streamline your energy management system, ensuring a successful digital transformation journey.

With Spacewell Energy (Dexma) as your partner, you can efficiently navigate the shifting energy landscape, embrace digitalisation, and leverage AI to meet your customers’ evolving needs and sustainability goals. Learn more about our partner programme here.

In conclusion, the energy landscape is rapidly evolving and utilities must adapt to thrive in this dynamic environment. AI-powered solutions like Spacewell Energy (Dexma) offer utilities the tools needed to overcome their challenges, enhance customer experience, and promote sustainability. 

As an example of how Spacewell Energy can benefit utilities like yours, we encourage you to visit us at the Enlit 2023 (28-30 November), in Paris. Our team of energy professionals will be happy to discuss your needs and explore how our EMS solution can transform your operations. 

The time for utilities to embrace digital transformation and AI solutions is now, and Spacewell Energy is here to lead the way.

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Editor’s note

Júlia Bayascas


This article was written by Júlia Bayascas. She works in the Product team at Spacewell Energy. Thanks to her expertise, Júlia contributes to the development of AI in the company.