Digitalisation and AI: The Secret for your B2B Customer's Energy Efficiency [WEBINAR]

Digitalisation and AI: The Secret for your B2B Customer’s Energy Efficiency [WEBINAR]

Did you know that less than 2% of utility B2B customers are receptive to energy efficiency offers

And, why is this happening, if organisations nowadays are investing in sustainability and energy efficiency more than ever?

Continue reading to find out.

According to the European Investment Bank report “Going Green – Who invests in energy efficiency, and why it matters”, 40% of companies are investing (or thinking about) in energy efficiency measures. This includes figures for the UK as well, as it monitors investment since 2016, before the UK left the European Union.

Share of firms investig in energy efficiency measures

Current awareness over climate change and the energy transition towards a more sustainable and efficient model have forced organisations to dedicate more time and efforts to improve their energy management approach. This way, they aren’t only complying with legislation, but are also working towards their Environmental, Governance and Social (ESG) goals.

Besides, the concern over soaring energy prices is becoming a key factor when it  comes to energy efficiency investment. The continuous price rises over 2021 that continue in the present day are forcing organisations to make continuous improvements to their buildings and facilities’ efficiency, in order to reduce the overall costs.

So, if this is the scenery with regards to investment in energy efficiency in companies, why is it that less than 2% of them are receptive to energy efficiency services from their Utilities?

The response is: the approach of such Utilities when they market their services, and the way in which they approach their B2B clients.

If you work in the business development or customer success department in an Utility, you’ll know how important it is to adapt and offer bespoke services to your clients. For B2B customers, it may even get more complicated when it comes to Energy Efficiency Services.

Webinar for Utilities - How to apply digital tools and AI to your B2B customers' Energy Management

How to Offer and Adapt your Energy Services Offering to your B2B Customers

As you may have imagined, technology is more and more often the response to personalise your client offering.

Thanks to Information Technology (IT)  you can adapt automatically your Utility’s offering to each individual B2B client.

The use of digital technologies and those based on Artificial intelligence (AI) will improve your customers’ satisfaction, while helping them reach their efficiency and sustainability goals.

For example, imagine you can leverage the information obtained from intelligent energy monitoring to offer a better digital experience to your B2B customers.

You may be wondering:

“And how can I apply this to my Utility’s B2B customers to increase their interest and loyalty?”

Growing and improving your customers’ experience is possible thanks to segmentation and personalisation of your energy efficiency offering. And what are the steps to follow?

To help you resolve those doubts, we invite you to watch our Utilities Special Webinar, where you will find out:

  • The Key challenges in the Utility sector and 2022 market trends
  • Artificial Intelligence and Digitalisation tools for Utilities, to support their customer journey toward energy efficiency and sustainability
  • How to detect and understand your customer’s needs, and generate segmented marketing campaigns
  • How to execute retrofits and engage with your customers by analysing their savings through an energy management system
  • How to optimise energy performance with the help of our 24/7 Artificial Intelligence Programme

If you would like to learn new ways to increase business development with your B2B customers, watch this free webinar here.

Webinar - How to personalise the B2B customers's energy services of your Utility