Energy Efficiency Data Insights: How Efficient Is My Building?

A few months ago, DEXMA launched Energy Grader (called DEXMA Detect sin Oct 2019), a free tool that enables you to assess your energy efficiency data to discover potential savings, anywhere and at any time, for free.

Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) is a free energy efficiency calculator that shows you how much money you can save on energy and what it means for your company’s bottom line. The resulting report also gives you a benchmark of energy prices across your industry, so you can confirm that you are getting a fair price for your energy.

It works by combining DEXMA’s patented Big Data algorithms with information from a vast amount of data points (learn more about that key concept here) from more than 10 000 buildings in the DEXMA database.

To learn more about Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect), check out this handy introduction.

Insights from Grader Energy Efficiency Data

Hundreds of buildings have been Graded since the launch, and the DEXMA Product Team has come out with some pretty interesting insights that we wanted to share with you.

Where Is Energy Grader Being Used?

From Botswana to Hong Kong, companies from all over the world are using this free tool to discover their energy savings potential:

Grader energy efficiency data distributionWho Uses Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect)?

Not only are these buildings located in many different countries, they also vary greatly in terms of type, sector and size. Initial Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) data shows us that a huge range of organisations are keen to save energy, from small offices to huge factories and university campuses:

Energy Efficiency data Sector distributionIt doesn’t matter if your building is old or new – Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) can uncover potential savings even in centuries-old buildings, as some of our submissions have been:

energy efficiency data building age

Occupants of historic buildings from before 1900 now know when and how can they be more energy efficient. Energy Grader can also help you understand whether your building really needs retrofitting, or if there are cheaper, simpler and faster ways to make your building more efficient.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Since Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) is such a powerful tool to calculate energy efficiency, I have to be an energy expert in order to to use it, right?” Absolutely not!

Not only does Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) take less than 3 minutes of your time, it can be done by anyone in your organisation! All you need to know is the size of the building that you want to grade and some basic information about its energy consumption.

In fact, more than a third of the people that grade their buildings have no background in energy whatsoever:

dexma energy grader user profile

Check out how many regular ol’ employees just want to save money and make their business more efficient and sustainable at the same time!

Do I Really Need an Energy Efficiency Calculator?

If you are interested in how energy efficient your building is, Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) can give you a quick and accurate snapshot of your building’s energy profile for free.

It’s especially useful for anyone considering to start an energy efficiency plan for their business or organisation – think of Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) as a simple, easy and quick first step.

So what are you waiting for? #GetGraded today and join these cost-saving energy heroes for free:

energy grader free energy efficiency calculator