DEXMA Demo Awesome Feature #3: Measurement & Verification

In the previous two articles in this series we showed you how to analyse energy data, pinpoint energy inefficiencies and take advantage of submetering. The next step is what to do to fix these inefficiencies – creating and managing energy efficiency projects. This is known as Measurement & Verification, or as we like to call it, M&V. 

Getting Started with Measurement & Verification

1. Login to your DEXMA Energy Intelligence Demo account.

2. Enter the Corporate Buildings account.

3. In the Analysis section, click on M&V Projects on the left menu to check the progress of specific energy efficiency projects.

4. You’ll see a list of sample projects for different buildings (lighting, refrigeration etc). The black Time bar shows how much time is left until the project ends. The Savings bar shows your progress against projected savings (the yellow line represents the savings goals).

If the savings bar is in green you’re on track, if it’s in red you’re not, so you need to find out why and either change your strategy or amend the goal if it was unrealistic to start with.


5. For more details on a particular project, click on it to see a breakdown of performance by date and time. Choose the Dates and Frequency (per day, week or month). The blue line is your baseline (reference consumption).

Your real consumption will be shown in either green (more efficient than the baseline), orange (not much change) or red (less efficient).


And voilà, over time you will get the satisfaction of being able to measure and verify your energy savings against your targets.

As you start taking actions to improve energy efficiency, you can keep an eye on your DEXMA dashboard and compare it day-by-day and week-by-week to monitor progress and verify results.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see it’s nice and straightforward.

Have any more questions about your DEXMA Demo? A member of our team can call you to chat through it. Pick a time slot and we’ll give you a ring.