[WEBINAR] Energy Conservation Measures: How and where to invest?

[Webinar] Energy Conservation Measures: How and where to invest?

In DEXMA we are looking forward to inspiring you to improve the results of your Energy Efficiency Projects. That’s why we share with you this WEBINAR recording that helps you with “How to choose Energy Conservation Measures: Where to invest?”

How to invest in Energy Conservation Measures

How and where to invest in Energy Efficiency: Energy Conservation Measures

When we start an energy efficiency project, as a first step, it is recommended to carry out actions that improve the energy behaviour of users. 

In general, behavioural improvements are not sufficient to achieve the savings targets that were set, and we need to implement other Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). We would then move on to the next step: “Make Investment-Driven Energy Efficiency Improvements“.

At this stage of the project, and after conducting an energy audit, the energy manager will include in his report a list of recommendations and ECMs in which you should invest the budget for your project. 

And how do I know which are the best options for my project? Can I classify them according to the scope of the investment they require? What ECMs should I offer my client?

We talked about all this and much more in our video training, where you will discover:

The different types of ECMs that can be implemented,

Which data to pay attention to in order to make the best savings recommendations,

How to communicate and what information to share with your client.

In addition, you will learn about the energy analysis tools that will help you before, during and after applying ECMs.

Watch the recording NOW:

How to invest in Energy Conservation Measures

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