5 tips to save energy

Top 5 Tips for Saving Energy in Your Organisation

Are you struggling to find feasible solutions or reasonable explanations for the high energy consumption in your company? We’ve got some convenient and useful suggestions to raise awareness in your organisation and take immediate action to save money while boosting the energy-saving performance of your business.

Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

1. Become more Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is all about using only what you need rather than taking whatever you want just because you can. Therefore, the first question that you need to ask is: “Which energy do we consider essential to run the organisation? Is it rather the machines manufacturing our product, the computers turned on 24/7, or lighting in the office?” The second question is: “Which energy could we reasonably do without?” A great (and totally free) place to start with this analysis is by doing a zero-cost analysis thanks to DEXMA Detect to see how your building’s energy consumption compares to others.

2. Make simple Changes to Save Money on your Energy Bills.

Saving energy doesn’t have to be expensive if you know what you need to reduce or improve. Once you find your wastage points, or the source of your high energy consumption driving up your energy bill, then you can try a cheap solution. Energy is often seen as a necessary cost or commodity and is hardly ever considered as a money-saver. Wrong! Don’t take your savings potential for granted. Learn how you can can still save money.

3. Reduce the amount of energy consumed instead of renegotiating the tariff with your supplier

In business, energy is usually treated as a hidden cost or simply accepted as a fixed cost. Most companies with high electricity consumption take action, but only once they realise they are wasting money due to a wastage problem. But what about preventing that problem in the first place by monitoring? Tracking your energy performance is the best way to increase efficiency and profitability.

4. Engaging with your colleagues is crucial.

Already managed to reduce your energy consumption? Don’t let your savings decrease. Every member of your organisation needs to be self-aware of their energy consumption just as much as you do. Bring them in. People engagement is crucial to ensure savings keep stable.

5. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Let me explain. The whole process begins with monitoring your energy performance. While DEXMA Detect can help you overcome that first step to measure, the DEXMA Platform will take your company to the next level in saving energy – that means taking action to optimise your results.

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