Case Study: Energy Saving in Industry

Energy Efficiency in Industry: The Comansa Case Study

On this blog, we talk a lot about how organisations can save energy… and how you can do it if you haven’t already. Today, we present a new case study from the industrial sector, to show you for yourself how energy savings can be achieved. We hope you will find it inspiring!

Are you a professional in the industrial sector looking to reduce your energy consumption? Many professionals like you have taken the plunge and are already using an energy management system to monitor and analyse their energy consumption and identify areas where savings can be made. Or they call on the energy services of external professionals who can help and guide them.

This is the case with Comansa, which we discuss below. For more details, you can download the full industrial success story here.

Energy Saving in Factories [Case Study] | Spacewell Energy

But before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s take a brief look at the big picture. Energy consumption in industry is generally very high and has a number of special features. But all kinds of goods are produced using electricity, gas and water.

We know that it’s not the same thing to have furnaces, car production lines or industrial equipment, or to manufacture food products. But all these production plants have factors in common:

  • High energy requirement
  • Highly precise and controlled processes
  • Technical and expert staff
  • Large and adapted spaces for production

Well, if you have a factory and you want to know where and how you consume energy, you may have doubts about how to start or what services to contract. You may also have read some of our previous articles, or our latest guide to energy saving in industry.

To inspire you with real stories of how other organisations do it and to encourage you to save energy, here are the details of how Comansa saves energy in its factories in Spain.

The Comansa Case Study

The Navarrese company Comansa has been manufacturing tower cranes for the construction industry since 1962. In 2001 it began its international expansion, moving into the United States and Canada. And in 2006 it began to expand into China, with a production centre and branch office to serve the Asian markets.

Although they were very competitive and had successfully expanded internationally, they wanted to monitor their consumption to better understand it and identify possible inefficiencies.

To achieve this, they enlisted the services of our energy services partner Grupo 3E. The initial monitoring project evolved into a more detailed project: different energy-saving measures were evaluated, analysing the return they could provide, their viability, their usefulness for the organisation, etc.

From the beginning of the process, energy-saving measures were implemented in different areas. 

The result? Consolidated savings of more than 2 million euros and a considerable reduction in energy consumption. Don’t miss the complete success story.

Energy Saving in Factories [Case Study] | Spacewell Energy