How to Optimise Energy Data Quality [WEBINAR]

How to Optimise Energy Data Quality [WEBINAR]

Every energy manager knows how useful energy management software is in delivering the analysis and control capabilities their customers need to make smarter energy decisions, lower energy costs more effectively and increase overall energy productivity.

But did you ever stop to consider how the quality of the energy decisions you and your clients make is directly influenced by the quality of the data you base them on?

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What is Energy Data Quality?

Most modern buildings today are equipped with building energy management systems (BEMS) or building automation and control systems known as BMS or BAS.

These systems collect and store massive amounts of data which are needed to understand and enhance building performance and energy usage. Typically some kind of sub-metering system is installed and configured to collect a significant amount of data from a building’s mechanical systems, such as lighting or HVAC, so the energy consumption of these devices can be fed into a software program for analysis.

However, the quality of the collected data can be questionable. Sometimes data are mislabeled, or contain gaps or errors. These energy data quality issues can be caused by a number of factors, including the reliability and accuracy of the specific input method or datalogger device, the robustness of the data collection, and challenges with integrating large amounts of energy data of different types from different sources. 

How Data Quality Affects Energy Management

Poor energy data quality can have serious consequences for your business if left unmitigated. Ignoring it can cost you and your clients through inaccurate billing, missed energy savings or retrofit opportunities and even lost energy efficiency projects. If you are an energy professional or ESCO, your business more or less depends on data quality! 

And with 75% of companies reporting data quality issues, it’s important to make sure that your energy data is as close to perfect as it can be – while still avoiding the painstaking, time-consuming process of manual data quality control.

DEXMA Launches App for Automated Data Quality Optimisation

Dedicated energy data quality applications are already available for to help ensure that the intelligence on which you and your clients are making important energy decisions is as accurate as possible.

In a free online training session, meet the new DEXMA Data Quality App – designed and built to help you automate and optimise your energy data quality. Think of it like an automatic “spell checker” tool for energy data, that automatically detects whether your energy information is trustworthy and accurate.

To see the data quality app in action, be sure to watch our complimentary video training session. Free access below:
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