Plugging Energy Management Into Your Business [Infographic]

Plugging Energy Management Into Your Business [Infographic]

Does your business need its own energy manager?

Should you rely on internal resources to start your energy management journey?

Or seek external assistance from an ESCO, especially for financing help? (If you don’t even know where to begin looking for money, check this previous post on funding resources for energy efficiency projects).

For a quick overview about what energy managers do, what professional skills to look for and how energy management in general might fit into your business model, no matter what your company does, check out this infographic:

How to Integrate Energy Management Into Your Company

Depending on the size and energy needs of your business operations, you might choose to hire an internal energy manager to save your company time and money on energy costs. (By the way, here are the professional skills you should look for if you choose to go down that route).

If your business isn’t especially large or energy intensive, but you still want to bring down energy costs, it might be a good idea to work with an energy services company (ESCO) to boost your business’ triple bottom line. (To find an ESCO near you, check out our handy search tool).

If you decide to tackle energy management with an internal energy manager, external ESCO or even on your own, remember that a holistic energy analytics platform is necessary to be able to really make sense of and act on huge amounts of data you’ll gather.

For a deeper dive on how to integrate energy management into your business, have a look at our latest guide on bringing energy productivity to SMEs:

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