DEXMA Named to EPIC 100: Emerging Businesses Transforming Energy Systems

The Energy Productivity Innovation Challenge (EPIC), an initiative supported by ClimateWorks Foundation and launched by Energy Unlocked, searched for 100 exemplary companies that are tackling inefficiencies in energy systems. These companies, dubbed the EPIC 100, together represent a movement pointing to a new energy system.

The aim was to understand why and how their business models are gaining traction in specific markets, especially in China, India, Europe, Australia, the USA and Brazil – and how to accelerate their global impact.

We are proud to announce that DEXMA has been named to the list of EPIC 100 businesses transforming energy systems around the world. Read on to discover why!

Why DEXMA is an EPIC 100 Company

A significant number of EPIC 100 companies are part of the digitisation of energy. Other industries (such as music) have recently been surprised by digitally-enabled business models that provide new customers with new services. Energy services seem poised for the same shift.

Although the mainstream efficiency technologies of today are crucial, the EPIC 100 companies allow us to peer ahead at what the future of energy holds, and which business models might drive today’s innovations to scale rapidly.
That is why EPIC companies were also selected based on their solutions’ ability to potentially transfer to new markets.

“Any energy consuming business without basic visibility on their own energy demand risks losing out on new opportunities in the energy transition,” remarks Molly Webb, Founder of Energy Unlocked. “Though energy consumption at the building or asset level is extremely context specific, with presence in more than 35 countries, DEXMA’s impressive growth trajectory shows that their scalable platform can be adapted to global markets.”

What enabled DEXMA’s international expansion and growth path? Our global partner network, our unique database tracking more than 30,000 buildings or assets around the world, and our bespoke energy analytics platform allowing for the fast, scalable and automated acquisition and management of building data.

In terms of impact, DEXMA was given the EPIC100 nod for the overall value we provide when it comes to reducing energy inputs into processes. This includes the additional values (sometimes not quantifiable) associated with behavioural change, such as employee retention or lower staff costs.

What is Energy Management as a Service?

DEXMA has been recognised for excellence in enabling intelligent energy use through energy management as a service (eMaaS). We do this by providing the software-as-a-service (SaaS) infrastructure that brings sensing, connectivity, analytics and control over energy-consuming systems (IoT) together in a fast, holistic and easy-to-use platform.

To truly understand energy management as a service, you need to try it for yourself. Go ahead and start playing around with actual live building data updated in real time to see what we mean:

DEXCell Energy Manager demo

Editor’s Note: This article has been produced in collaboration with Energy Unlocked. The full EPIC 100 report is available here.