DEXMA featured in The Market for Building Performance Software 2016 to 2020!

We’re chuffed to announce DEXMA has been featured in Memoori’s new report ‘The Market for Building Performance Software 2016 to 2020’!

Memoori offers Smart Building Research & Thought Leadership. They help companies make essential strategic business decisions.

Their Market for Building Performance Software report helps stakeholders and investors in the smart building software market to identify emerging trends and business opportunities to 2020.

The report contains original analysis and forecasts across 5 key focus areas: Energy Software in Smart Buildings, Enterprise Energy Management Systems, Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Software, Software for Security and Fire Systems & Property Management Software.

The 200-page report (an extremely recommended reading, you can buy your copy here) includes key facts and figures on the trends, barriers and competitive landscape of software in smart buildings, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the world’s market.

The global market for building performance software in smart buildings stands at over $13Bn in 2016, and is predicted to grow to almost $19Bn by 2020. Energy software accounts for over 50% of the market, representing $6.48Bn in 2015, with an expected rise to over $9.7Bn by 2020.

DEXMA is highlighted as Enterprise Energy Management Software (EEMS) Specialist among the top names in the EEMS Landscape, reinforcing our position as a leader in the energy efficiency market.


Although the EEMS market is dominated by US suppliers, Europe holds a strong foothold, with 34.5% of overall sales in 2015, neck and neck with the US with 35.5%.

The report attributes this to Europe’s more stringent environmental regulations and reporting requirements:

Building Software


“While there may be a lot of EEMS innovation going on in the US supply side, the high-levels of sales in the EU have been driven by economic and regulatory factors in Europe that do not exist to the same degree in North America.”  

In the face of climate change, regulation can spur growth in the energy efficiency sector.

Memoori have identified 16 different types of software packages that improve building performance and operation, including software for information technology, energy service providers and utilities, facilities management, building automation and lighting.

As we move towards greater automation and optimisation in buildings, through The Internet of Things in Buildings (BIoT), all this influx of software data needs to be carefully managed.

Why should you work with a market leader?

Because you can be assured of:

  • Investment in R&D
  • High quality support
  • More business opportunities
  • Robust platform

The Memoori report offers a breakdown of the people to know in the smart building network. To help you in your analysis of different providers, here are 10 Questions to Ask your Energy Management System Provider.

Want to know more about our smart energy management software? Try it out here.