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State of Energy Management in 2023 [Survey]

2023 has been one of the most hectic years for the energy sector: energy crisis, consumption reduction, and zero carbon objectives… This has only strengthened the challenges Energy professionals have been facing for many years now. 

More than ever, the objective of sustainable energy management is at the heart of the public debate, notably due to the reinforcement of regulations and the awareness of the energy and ecological transition. This call is crucial if we want to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible.  

Why Participate in the Energy Management Survey?

The energy sector is constantly changing. Sensitive to the economic, environmental and societal context, your job is directly impacted by disruptions and unforeseen events in the sector. Factors such as global warming, teleworking, and rising energy prices have most certainly transformed the way you work and conceive energy management

State of Energy Management in 2023 [Survey] - Spacewell Energy

So why should you participate in the State of Energy Management Survey? Here are 3 reasons that should convince you: 

1 – Drawing inspiration from the Community of Energy Professionals

The annual survey is a valuable tool that any energy professional can leverage to learn about the trends and challenges faced by other specialists. From your responses and those of your peers, we will draw conclusions to help you see things more clearly. 

The results of the survey, published in the form of reports and articles in January 2024, will give you a global overview of the state of energy management in 2023. Through this survey, we are looking for general trends and commonalities that will allow you to compare and contrast with the reality of professionals like yourself. We hope that this will help you to better understand the expectations of your role and to plan your energy efficiency projects accordingly, with more confidence. 

2 – Assessing your Energy Management Strategy for 2024 

The energy sector has been through a lot of turmoil that must have affected your energy habits, practices or plans. This survey is therefore a perfect opportunity to take a step back and analyse your company’s or client’s energy management situation

By filling in the survey, you will be able to identify what your pain points were, but above all, what areas are to be improved. Asking yourself these questions at this strategic moment of the year will allow for a reflection on the intense months you have been through and thus approach the new year fully aware and informed. So isn’t taking this survey a real opportunity to take stock and plan for the future?

3- Contribute to the improvement of the services provided by Spacewell Energy 

Your feedback is a valuable tool to better understand your expectations and needs regarding energy management. For the seventh year in a row, we are asking you to complete this questionnaire and to get an overview of the global state of energy management in terms of challenges and trends.

Each question reflects a real need or problem faced by professionals like you. Your answers help us to stay up to date so that we can always provide you with solutions to your real challenges. Indeed, answering this annual survey is essential for the evolution of our platform, the adaptation of our services and the improvement of your experience and customer satisfaction.

Energy efficiency is our goal as an organisation, and working together is the only way to achieve it. 

So, whether you are a real expert in energy management, or are new to energy efficiency, don’t hesitate! It will only take 5 minutes of your time and the questions are all multiple-choice.

Finally, in order to thank you for your loyalty and also to give you a foretaste of the end of year festivities, we are organising a draw among all the participants. Don’t miss the opportunity to win a surprise prize worth 100 euros

We remind you that the answers to this survey are confidential and that no names will be disclosed. The primary objective is to obtain an overview of the energy landscape and its management in 2023. So don’t lose another minute and participate in our annual Energy Efficiency Survey 2023!

State of Energy Management in 2023 [Survey] - Spacewell Energy