Invest with Bill Gates: Breakthrough Energy Coalition

Top technology founders such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) and Facebook creator Marc Zuckerberg are investing in energy efficiency projects, just like you!

This week the energy world was buzzing with the exciting announcements: Bill Gates, right after declaring his support to energy efficiency with the program Mission Innovation, launched another massive initiative related to COP21: the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

What is the Breakthrough Energy Coalition?

This new initiative is endorsed by tech’s most prominent leaders, starting with Gates, and including Zuckerberg, Bezos, Jack Ma and Richard Branson. The program focuses on the creation of greener technologies that boost energy efficiency.

While half of the planet moves forward from households to heavy industries tackling energy efficiency with more intelligent energy management techniques, the other half still struggles with basic survival (like beating energy poverty in the first place) and have neither time nor money to think of battling climate change.

This new coalition is called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition and you can check out its objectives and initiatives already on their website.

Moreover, Bill Gates published a video in which he shares his insights on the need for better energy efficiency.  He highlights the players that should be involved in initiatives against global warming which include institutions, but also energy distribution companies themselves:

“The government has been there to fund the basic research,” says Gates. “But we have to pair that with people that are willing to fund high-risk, breakthrough energy companies. That’s what gives us a chance of having a solution that allows us to use energy without damaging the environment.”

Watch the video below to hear Bill Gates energy innovation vision:

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