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Partner Spotlight: ENEOR (France)

For this year’s second edition, we would like to highlight one of Spacewell Energy’s long-standing partners: ENEOR. Founded in 2010, this independent engineering company is a pioneer in the field of real energy performance in buildings. It has 4 offices across Europe and is involved in the entire value chain, from the design to the operation of complex structures with high environmental ambitions.

As a leader in this field, ENEOR supports prestigious companies such as LVMH, Saint-Gobain, the Futuroscope Park and the UN in their energy challenges.

In this article, you’ll find out how this Energy Services Company (ESCO) meets its customers’ energy challenges, using our Energy Management System (EMS).

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10 Questions to ENEOR

1) Why did you become a partner of Spacewell Energy (Dexma)?

We decided to partner with Spacewell Energy (Dexma) 9 years ago, after carrying out an in-depth analysis of the solutions available on the market. We opted for this platform because of its advanced functionalities, which perfectly met our needs as experts. What’s more, its modularity means we can adapt the solution to any type of need we might encounter.

2) What features of our Platform do you use the most?

The platform features we use most frequently are :

  • Advanced Analytics: This functionality allows us to visualise and analyse complex trends, enabling us to deliver increased value to our customers.
  • IPMVP-related modules: In particular, we use the ABC (Automatic Baseline Calculator) application and the M&V (Measurement and Verification) tool. These modules enable us to monitor our many EPCs (Energy Performance Contracts) very precisely and to carry out complex analyses that would be impossible with other tools on the market.
  • New dashboards: These energy dashboards are much appreciated by our customers because they are visually attractive, ergonomic and easy to use. For example, each site manager at the Futuroscope Park has direct access to their consumption via a URL link that takes them directly to their energy consumption dashboard.

3) What are your customers’ 3 biggest challenges in terms of Energy Efficiency?

1- Understanding their uses and consumption: before the tertiary sector decree, many of them did not have a clear picture of their bills or had not consolidated their energy data.

2 – Changes in energy prices: the current energy crisis makes it inevitable for them to understand and control their consumption, and to take action to improve their energy performance.

3 – The European and French regulatory context: very ambitious, it has upset the habits of certain players who are not usually sensitive to environmental and energy issues.

4)  How does our Software help your customers overcome these barriers and save energy?

Spacewell Energy (Dexma) software supports our customers in a number of ways:

  • In terms of understanding energy usage, the software gives them a clear and detailed view of their energy usage. They can analyse their consumption data and take rapid, effective action to optimise their energy consumption.
  • By implementing the recommended actions, our customers can significantly reduce their energy consumption. In our previous experience, our energy management assignments have enabled our customers to achieve savings of 15-20% in the first year.

5) What is the Daily Life of an Energy Manager at ENEOR like?

The daily life of an energy manager at ENEOR is made easier by the use of advanced analysis and alerting tools provided by the Spacewell Energy platform. Thanks to these tools, the energy manager can spend more time in the field and with customers to turn intentions into real action.

6) In your experience, which sectors of the French market are most receptive to Energy Management?

Based on our experience, there is growing interest in energy management in various sectors of the French market. Initially driven by certain industrial players, this concern has now become an integral part of the strategic policies linked to corporate social responsibility (CSR) of all the major organisations in the tertiary sector, such as offices and shops. Increasingly, this awareness is spreading to the entire market, affecting various sectors of activity.

7) Have you noticed a change in behaviour since the energy crisis (or the energy efficiency plan, tertiary decree, etc.)?

Yes, we have observed a significant change in behaviour since the introduction of the energy efficiency plan and other similar initiatives. End users are much more receptive to energy-saving measures, such as adjusting heating or air conditioning temperatures. This level of acceptance was previously difficult to achieve around 10 years ago. This positive change in behaviour is a source of hope and reflects a growing awareness of the need for energy efficiency.

8) What are the advantages of an Energy Management Solution in the context of soaring energy prices? How can energy management solutions be used more widely?

An energy management solution makes it easy to achieve the first savings, generally the first 20 per cent of the target trajectory. This translates into significant cost reductions despite limited initial capital.

The widespread use of energy management solutions has become inevitable because of the convergence of economic and environmental issues.


9) What are your current Key Projects?

We are currently involved in several major projects:

  • Collaboration with luxury brands: We are working with well-known brands such as CARTIER and GUERLAIN. Their head offices want access to their energy consumption in order to improve their efficiency and performance.
  • HEKLA Tower: We are involved in the HEKLA Tower project, located in the La Défense district of Paris. This emblematic tower, 220 metres high, aims to be a pioneer in terms of energy performance. It promises to reduce energy consumption by 47% compared with the RT 2012 thermal regulations. We are providing our expertise to help them achieve these ambitious targets, which will serve as an example for future construction projects.
  • Futuroscope extension: We have a long-standing relationship with the Futuroscope Park. We are currently working on the extension of the park, in particular on setting up a new low-carbon heating network and on the Ecolodge project, a model for sustainable hotels.

10)  What are ENEOR’s energy priorities for the coming years?

ENEOR’s premises already consume very little energy. However, we want to pay particular attention to sustainable transport. Even though the company already has hybrid vehicles. The aim is to continue to improve energy efficiency in this area.

Finally, thanks to their experience of over 10 years and their work on more than 5 million square metres, ENEOR’s engineers have already saved the equivalent of the carbon footprint of 10,000 people on the French market every year.

About the Interviewee 

Vincent Le Guilvout, ENEOR’s first employee and partner, holds the position of Technical Director for the tertiary sector on a national scale. From managing complex projects to creating innovative new assignments, he has played a key role in ENEOR’s most ambitious projects since 2014. Since then, he has also been Product Manager for the Spacewell Energy (Dexma) solution.

Would you like to find out more about our partner programme? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the various possibilities for collaboration. 

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