In this article, you will discover how our Partner tackles its customers' energy challenges using our Energy Management System (EMS).

Partner Spotlight: Energy & Technical Services ETS (United Kingdom)

Energy and Technical Services Ltd (ETS) is a leading and innovative company operating in the energy sector. With an excellent reputation, ETS has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions and technical services. The company specialises in offering a wide range of services, including energy consultancy, project management and technical expertise, designed to meet the specific needs of its customers. 

ETS is known for its commitment to sustainability, actively engaging in the development and implementation of environmentally friendly practices and cutting-edge technologies. With a team of highly skilled professionals, ETS continues to play a central role in shaping the future of energy by providing efficient, reliable and forward-thinking solutions to diverse industries and organisations around the world.

In this article, you will discover how our Partner tackles its customers’ energy challenges using our Energy Management System (EMS).

8 Questions to ETS

1) We have been working together for a few years now, why did you decide to become our Partner?

At ETS, we continuously offer innovative and practical solutions for our clients, and we found Spacewell Energy (Dexma) to be our strong support on energy data. Their energy software meets our needs precisely, which makes proceeding data and analytics a lot easier. Additionally, there needed to be an easy way to get data into the software given the complexity of the clients ETS work with and Spacewell Energy (Dexma) had this availability. Therefore Spacewell Energy (Dexma) matched our digitalisation, our services and is cost effective for our clients.

2) Which features of the Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Platform do you use most frequently?

We most frequently use the Dexma Analyse features (Analysis, M&V, Alerts) to support our clients in analysing their energy consumption patterns, performance and identifying inefficiency along with building up more energy savings.

3) What is the daily life of an Energy Manager at ETS like?

As an energy manager for clients from various industries, the daily work can vary greatly from day to day. ETS provides comprehensive end-to-end energy management support to ensure our clients maintain energy efficiency and savings. Depending on project requirements and client needs, we tailor solutions and strategies to maximise energy cost savings. Meanwhile, we are continually striving to evolve our processes, these also transform and change over time.  One thing that stays consistent however is our commitment to deliver top-quality analysis, reporting and energy savings to our clients.

4) What are your customers’ 3 most common challenges?

The main challenges we have encountered are:

  1. Lack of access to reliable energy data/energy consumption data 
  2. Inability to comprehend their energy performance (e.g. day to day consumption, seasonal changes, high consumption events)
  3. Staff behaviour on sites having a potentially negative impact on energy performance if proper training has not been conducted and accessible sites are not put in place.

Become a partner - Dexma

5) How does our Platform help your customers overcome these obstacles and save Energy?

  1. The Spacewell Energy (Dexma) platform offers a user-friendly feature to upload/input data all into one hub. Especially the different data input options make it very adaptable to each individual client and their needs. 
  2. Data visualisation tools (e.g. consumption, comparison analysis) are very useful to visually demonstrate clients their current energy performance and potential opportunities for improvement. 
  3. We have found the alert set up to be a particularly useful tool to inform of unexpected energy consumption changes that may be linked to staff behaviour. This information allows us to work with clients and on-site personnel to better manage energy usage.

6) What energy trends would you highlight in 2023? In your experience, which sectors of the UK market are most receptive to energy management?

Energy prices are never going to return to pre 2022 and there is now greater legislation and drive for Net Zero, consequently, all sectors are looking to reduce costs and carbon. To be more elaborated, as a consequence over the last year we have noticed a growing interest in carbon emissions analysis and reporting as well as automatic data visualisation/reporting tools such as Power BI (Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboard). 

In the meantime, carbon reporting is becoming increasingly crucial in achieving Net Zero, and the legislative bodies recognise it as key information to be disclosed and measured. Energy data shall be well-organised and analysed nowadays.

7) Do you help Companies set up Energy-Saving plans? How so?

Yes – to help them to reduce energy consumption and with that – energy spend and related carbon emissions. This is also done as part of mandatory reporting (e.g. SECR, ESOS), and we also support our clients to be certified with ISO standards and other building performance certifications. 

Every client is on a journey, and some can be quite sophisticated in their approach whilst others do not know where to start, therefore, ETS can support at any stage, either through setting up a complete energy management system or identifying energy saving opportunities from operational sites, seeing these through to achieving the savings.

8) What example of a Success Story do you have in mind?

As part of its commitment to sustainable growth, Woodie’s, a leading DIY retailer with 35 branches across Ireland, has been working with Energy & Technical Services Ltd. (ETS) to redefine energy management in the retail sector.

At ETS, our data-driven expertise has fuelled the transformation of Woodie’s. Using real-time energy consumption data and our specialist approach, we have helped Woodie’s to make substantial energy and CO2 savings. The Spacewell Energy (Dexma) platform proved to be a crucial tool, providing an overview of energy use across all branches via an intuitive mapping interface.

Woodie’s has used this information to implement energy efficiency initiatives, quickly addressing anomalies through automated alerts. Through cutting-edge technologies including smart sensors, we ensured that energy consumption aligned seamlessly with real-time demands.

At the heart of Woodie’s success is a commitment to continuous improvement

Join Woodie’s on an inspiring journey to reduce energy consumption, cut costs and overcome challenges. Immerse yourself in their remarkable success story – available as a free download now. At ETS, we’re proud to have been the driving force behind Woodie’s energy management transformation.


Lighting the Way: Energy Savings in Retail [Woodie’s Case Study]

About the Interviewees

Marija SlareMarija Slare | Marija is an experienced Energy Manager at ETS, who leads compliance projects and energy dashboards for many clients. She is specialised in energy data analysis, energy management, carbon reporting, building control system management as well as working on various sustainable certifications, e.g. ISO50001.



Phil WarrenPhil Warren | Phil is a Chartered Energy Manager, ISO Lead Auditors and Managing Director at ETS. Drawing on his 30 years extensive experience, he leads multiple energy management projects in various industries and contributes substantial energy savings for clients.  

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