6 Great Articles About Energy Management

6 Great Articles About Energy Management

In today’s post, we have decided to compile 6 articles about Energy Management out there. Energy efficiency has been a trending topic for a while now. Energy management, as a cornerstone to achieving energy efficiency, has been under some of that spotlight throughout the media.

The increasing abundance of articles on energy management – from showcasing the success of companies that have implemented successful programs to general facts about how it works – reflects the growing awareness and interest in energy management. Dig into these 6 articles about energy management to get the big picture on its trends and draw your own conclusions.

Looking to get your energy efficiency project off the ground?

By looking at how entities have implemented energy efficiency projects and the results they have got you can get enlightened on ways to start your own. The examples given here by Randall Bowen from British Gas take place in the UK. These are stimulating cases that have benefited different communities with tangible results. When thinking about starting an energy efficiency project, bear in mind that quantifying energy efficiency outcomes comes in as a key factor when starting these projects. Monitoring your energy consumption gives you a notion of your previous or current situation and helps you understand the impacts of the improvement measures taken.

How energy efficiency investment creates a ripple effect of multiple benefits for businesses beyond energy savings

A hint of all the possible benefits from deploying energy performance improvements is given in this report. Christopher H. Russell points out these “multiple benefits”, making clear that all of them are unique to each facility.

Energy savings are an important outcome from energy efficiency investment and they can be clearly visualised using energy management softwares. Nonetheless, there is more to get out of this investment. If you were dubious on whether or not to invest in energy efficiency or think the benefits you’ll get are limited to cost and energy savings, this article will open your eyes to more possibilities.

5 critical factors to reduce the energy intensity of operations

As Matthew Littlefield from LNS Research clearly states in this article, substantial reductions in production costs can be achieved when reducing energy intensity, even by a small amount. “In certain industries, energy intensity can account for more than 50% of the costs of production, so even a small reduction in energy intensity can result in a substantial reduction in production costs, which ultimately flow to the company’s bottom line.

By pointing out 5 key areas towards successfully reducing energy intensity, the author highlights an important potential for improvement and clear actions to take.

Why Doing More With Less Is The Hot Topic In Energy Management

Get to know what some companies are offering as a cost-effective energy efficiency solution. The mechanism proposed is ideal for companies looking for guidance on where to look for opportunities and wouldn’t mind compromising on accuracy if it reduces costs.

If you are one of those companies that haven’t assigned energy management budgets or you have but it is not substantial enough, this option can come in as a good alternative. Read more to discover the benefits and opportunities this solution brings about.

Energy Efficiency must be Central to the World’s Urbanization and Industrialization

The article by Jigar V. Shah from Greentech Media talks about how industrial development doesn’t necessarily mean more pollution. In his words, “By using energy more wisely, the industry would not only drastically cut global greenhouse gas emissions, but would also spur job growth, save billions, improve competitiveness, raise productivity and mitigate risk by reducing exposure to volatile input prices”.

Shah shows the impact greenhouse gas emissions have on today’s world and how this can be counteracted. Environmental awareness and energy efficiency measures put in place on time are key to a better-looking industrialised world in the future. Learn more about his visions and the solutions he poses in this enlightening writing.

The U.S. ranks 13 out of 16 countries in energy efficiency, Germany is #1

Take a look at the 2014 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard to see how efficient 16 of the biggest economies in the world are. Climate change is an issue that has been raising concern from different nations and has triggered actions within them to become more sustainable. It has been proven that besides saving money, energy efficiency reduces environmental impact and creates jobs. For these reasons, it is in every country’s best interest to head towards efficiency and reduce energy waste. See how your country is doing and if your company’s efforts are aligned with this score.
Insightful articles such as these are a great resource to support an energy manager’s ongoing learning and hearing different perspectives on the issues you are working on. For more resources and content to keep expanding your knowledge, take a browse through our resources library.

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