Hardware for Energy Efficiency [Online Training]

Meters, gateways… hardware devices for energy efficiency are a pending subject for many energy professionals. 

And yet, they are essential to start a good energy savings project, or when you’re trying to boost savings in projects with previous story…

Do you need to catch up with hardware for energy efficiency? Do you want to learn all you need to give good advice about hardware in any project? Join our next free training session and answer all your hardware questions!


Hardware for Energy Efficiency

As you know, our core business in DEXMA is not hardware. We focus on developing the best software for energy analysis.

But, since our very beginning we have been very careful with the material part of energy technology, hardware.

How? Following this 3 key principles:

  1. Creating a hardware neutral platform. This means that we have hundreds of devices already integrated in DEXCell Energy Manager. Therefore, if you start a project today, you might be able to get data today.
  2. Working on an open platform. With our API we can easily integrate new devices if you need it.
  3. Having the best hardware partners, like Carlo Gavazzi (we introduced you one of their devices a few time ago, here) or Socomec.

This way we’re ready to integrate with any meter or gateway in the market, easily and quickly.

Our support team solves every day many questions related to hardware, because it’s not easy to understand the whole hardware for energy efficiency ecosystem.

Therefore, we propose you a free training in July to catch up with this pending matter. In the session you will be able to chat with Alfonso Mateos, our hardware expert with long experience on the field with all kind of hardware devices.

Book your spot for our Hardware Webinar

FREE Webinar: Hardware for Energy Efficiency

Next July 21st at 15 h (CET) we will share with you all our knowledge in an online session: 

  • Essential hardware concepts that you need to understand and handle everyday. From how to measure each energy source to the differences between a gateway and a meter.
  • How can I evaluate and give advice on what hardware is needed? With practical examples from projects without metering to cases where the building had some data when the energy efficiency project started
  • Pricing: we know that you care about this, therefore we will give you advice also about what are the implications of each metering device.
  • Communications: Alfonso will help us to understand the best practices for connecting devices with any energy analysis platform.

Sounds interesting? Please book your spot ASAP, we’re about to run out!

Check the agenda and register at: http://get.dexmatech.com/hardware-eficiencia-energetica

Book your spot for our Hardware Webinar

If you can’t join the session, register anyway and I will send you the materials after the webinar!