[Webinar] Scaling Up SME Energy Efficiency with Dr. Steven Fawkes

[Webinar] Scaling Up SME Energy Efficiency with Dr. Steven Fawkes

As an ESCO, you are probably missing out on an opportunity of serving more SME clients. After all, the EU alone is home to 22 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which provide around 89 million jobs and represent 99% of all enterprises. However, these businesses rarely have the capacity to exploit energy savings.

While absolute energy use per SME  (industrial and non-industrial) is lower than in large, energy-intensive industrial companies, focusing on energy end-use efficiency in SMEs is often very cost-effective. Still, too often these small businesses are falling between the cracks as weak business cases – even though there are plenty of good reasons for ESCOs to focus on serving SME clients better.

In a free online session, this April 11th at 3 pm CET, world-renowned energy efficiency expert Dr. Steven Fawkes is going to show us how!

Don’t Miss Out on the SME Energy Efficiency Opportunity

When a small business takes a strategic approach to energy efficiency, it eventually creates profit. Every penny saved goes straight to the bottom line.

That means your SME clients have more cash to spend on expansion, customer relations, IT, job creation and developing value-added services – things they (and the economy at large) desperately need.

Eurochambers, one of the largest organisations representing businesses in Brussels, estimates a short-term “win-win” energy reduction potential of up to 20% among its 20 million EU members. Because most SMEs have probably not implemented (or even considered) even basic energy efficiency measures due to a lack of sufficient management time, capability or dedicated expertise, the market share of low-cost potential for energy savings in SMEs is particularly high.

Another significant barrier is that many SMEs mistakenly believe the process of improving energy productivity to be simply out of reach. A “nice to have” at best, energy efficiency is in the worst case dismissed as a totally unaffordable and overly technical can of worms.

As an ESCO, you know this is not the case – energy efficiency is more often a management problem rather than a technical problem. Many technologies, such as aM&T software, already exist that can radically improve the energy efficiency of almost all fuel and electricity-using processes in any business. The problem lies with getting them to see it that way, Dr. Fawkes explains:

Many energy managers and engineers work in organisations where they are well aware of the profitable energy efficiency opportunities that exist but they are unable to persuade senior management to take action. 

In other organisations, no one is actually looking for the opportunities. Without the explicit support of the leadership of the organisation, and appropriate resources being dedicated to energy efficiency, these significant opportunities will remain an underexploited source of profit, reduced emissions and potential employee engagement.

The great thing is that Dr. Fawkes is an expert in communicating this “hidden” energy efficiency opportunity and how to turn it into a profit centre. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to learn from him directly!

About Dr. Steven Fawkes

You may have heard of Dr. Steven Fawkes from his blog, Only Eleven Percent. The site gets its name from the fact that only a very small part of the energy we produce – 11% to be precise – is actually useful for energy services like heat, cooling, motion, light and sounds. In other words, we are wasting a full 89 per cent of the total energy that we use. We can do better than that, you guys!

Although it’s impossible to achieve 100% efficiency, Dr. Fawkes believes the world is punching far below its weight in terms of achieving higher energy efficiency. “Improving that performance would bring great benefits in terms of cost reduction, reduced emissions and job creation,” he says.

Sound like benefits your SME customers and prospects could use?

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