Automated Energy Management

[Webinar] DEXMA Optimise – Your 24/7 Energy Manager

In this Webinar, you will discover our brand new product: DEXMA Optimise! ?

DEXMA Optimise is a 24/7 Automatic Energy Management powered by Artificial Intelligence that is here to break the rules. Forget about manual energy analytics, forever!

Supercharge your energy management team by detecting relevant anomalies when they occur, focus on fixing them and on optimising your energy consumption.

DEXMA Optimise creates a machine learning model for each of your datapoints that you want to take under surveillance.
They get trained with the last 12 months of data and they are adjusted by local weather conditions and holidays, so all the anomalies are relevant for you.

Machine learning models will be trained again once per week, adjusting to the real behaviour of your sites, automatically.

Automate your energy management process

Analyse your data, all time

Artificial intelligence (AI) always detects anomalies for you. No holidays, no work hours.

Focus on actions

AI analyses the data so your team can invest their time on decisions and solving problems.

Track each anomaly’s story

Add comments and get traceability from anomaly creation until it is fixed. Team work!

With DEXMA Optimise, you are taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and move on from traditional Energy Management to Energy Intelligence.

Watch our Webinar to learn more about how Optimise works and how it can help you and your organisation Taking Action on Climate Change.

DEXMA Optimise Automated energy manager - Webinar