[Webinar] Beat Rising Gas Prices with Heating Optimisation

Thanks to the Carbon Act, many companies in the UK are already working on decreasing energy consumption, but many energy efficiency plans are focused just on electricity. Ever since Brexit, energy consumers in the UK have seen wholesale gas prices rise 34%. Plus a 24% electricity prices increase. And winter is coming. That’s why there’s no better time than now to learn about how heating optimisation (gas, thermal and fuel tanks) will help your SME or ESCO this year.

The energy price jump has caused nearly 600,000 UK households to switch energy suppliers in October alone, and has had a serious impact on commercial energy supplies and costs.

Experts are warning that an impending supply crunch could also lead to further increases in wholesale energy prices – which will have an especially negative impact on small and medium-sized firms as winter approaches.

According to First Utility CFO Darren Braham, the concern for SMEs would be the potential for higher spot prices “if there’s a cold winter, given the tight supply margin.”

Winter is Coming: Is Your SME Ready?

All signs point to the fact that energy managers need to think about how they will help clients manage the increasing cost of their boiler and heating systems. Whether the fuel in question is gas, oil, or low-pressure gas (LPG), heating optimisation techniques can offer low-cost solutions that save your customers (if you are an ESCO) or company considerable amounts of time and money this winter.

In fact, an energy efficiency report from Bain & Company shows that fuel measurement and consumption efforts can lead to technical savings of 5-15% with the shortest possible payback time compared to other methods: 3 years or less.

No matter which sector you and your clients are working in, enhancing metering and automation to optimise heat systems presents unmissable savings opportunities.

To make the most of them, you need to know and understand a range of technological options in order to provide the best solutions to your customers.

How Heating Optimisation Can Help

To help you, check out this free online training on Optimising Thermal, Gas and Fuel Tanks.

During this complimentary video session, you will learn:

  • The metering and hardware solutions needed to monitor energy sources like gas, thermal and fuel tanks
  • How to automate your gas and thermal energy analytics
  • How you can manage your fuel tanks remotely with our new Fuel Tank App

You can access the video, slides and other learning materials here.

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