Microgrid and NZEB

[Webinar] How Microgrid helps turn your building into NZEB

If you work in the energy sector, real estate or construction, you will soon find these concepts in your usual vocabulary: Microgrid and NZEB.

Do they sound familiar to you? Can you tell us what they are?

Here is a general definition of each of them:

  • Microgrid: a localised group of power sources and supplies connected and synchronised with each other. They operate in parallel with the traditional centralised grid but can be disconnected and kept running autonomously according to the supply and demand of energy needed.
  • NZEB: These initials stand for Nearly Zero Energy Building.

It is important that you keep up with these trends as the latest regulations set by the European Commission state that Member States’ buildings must increase their energy efficiency, becoming NZEB buildings by 2030.

Now that you have a general idea, we would like to encourage you to go deeper into the subject in this WEBINAR, where Laura Martinez (R&D Manager) and Alfonso Mateos (Product owner) will explain us:

What Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) are and how they work,

What the European Regulations require of NZEBs, with a specific example from countries such as the UK, France, Italy and Spain,

How to analyse and optimise the energy consumption and generation of your buildings,

How to manage Microgrids for the NZEBs of the future.

Take advantage of this opportunity and watch our free webinar here!

Microgrid and Nearly Zero Energy Buildings [Webinar]