[Webinar] From Demand-Side Management to Demand Response for ESCOs

As smart metering programs proliferate worldwide and balancing energy supply and demand becomes more difficult (and costly) than ever, Demand Response (DR) is “having a moment” in the energy world today. Demand Response for ESCOs is real and is happening now. But is your ESCO ready for it?

demand response for ESCOs

Demand Response for ESCOs

How can energy services companies (ESCOs) get in on the demand response action? Their first step is to become demand-side management (DSM) enabled beyond energy efficiency, says Miguel Cruz, Head of Research & Development at DEXMA.

That’s why our next webinar will focus on how ESCOs can use Demand Side Management (DSM) as a vehicle or first step towards becoming fully Demand-Response enabled, especially through technology applications that optimise energy consumption in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Not only do Demand-Side Management programs contribute to environmental sustainability objectives set by governments (that must be realised by ESCOs), but DSM technologies can also offer unprecedented opportunities for ESCOs to help their commercial and industrial clients reap multiple economic benefits beyond energy efficiency. These include cost savings. Or generating new revenue streams through advanced flexibility solutions like demand response.

Who Should Attend:

If you think DSM and DR are the same thing, or are using the terms interchangeably, you should probably register for this webinar.

Most importantly, if you want to learn how demand response and demand-side management can complement one another and enable your ESCO to deliver more complete and effective energy management services, be sure to sign up before spots run out:

demand response for ESCOs