[Webinar] Beat Rising Gas Prices with Heating Optimisation

Thanks to the Carbon Act, many companies in the UK are already working on decreasing energy consumption, but many energy efficiency plans are focused just on electricity. Ever since Brexit, energy consumers in the UK have seen wholesale gas prices rise 34%. Plus a 24% electricity prices increase. And winter is coming. That’s why there’s no better time […]

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Investing in Energy Efficiency: The 10% Rule [Infographic]

The 10% rule for energy efficiency

Are you an energy manager that has recently been tasked to invest in energy efficiency measures, but have no idea how much they will cost? Does your existing energy management project need a financial boost that you don’t know how to estimate? Or perhaps you are one of the 62% of companies citing lack of […]

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From Ideas to Action: Funding for Energy Efficiency [Free Guide]

From Ideas to Action - Funding for Energy Efficiency Free Guide

You and your clients have great ideas for making buildings and companies more efficient. But when it comes to transforming ideas into reality, money can be a frustrating roadblock. Many ESCOs and utilities claim that there’s a lack of accessible funding for energy efficiency in the market. After a bit of research, we can show […]

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[Webinar] How to Automate Energy Budgeting and Forecasting

All energy managers know that planning the energy budget while ensuring the balance books balanced is not easy. But what happens when your supervisor asks you to give an accurate prediction for next year’s energy budgeting and forecasting plan? You don’t have a crystal ball, nor can you make such complex calculations on the back […]

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