DEXMA Demo Awesome Feature #3: Measurement & Verification


In the previous two articles in this series we showed you how to analyse energy data, pinpoint energy inefficiencies and take advantage of submetering. The next step is what to do to fix these inefficiencies – creating and managing energy efficiency projects. This is known as Measurement & Verification, or as we like to call it, […]

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How efficient are Solar Energy Technologies for Buildings

Solar energy technologies for buildings

Solar energy as a ‘green energy’ has been gaining amazing popularity in the last few decades. The use is amplified in recent times as more numbers of homes, offices, and industrial units are opting for this ‘clean energy’. The popularity of this ‘photovoltaic energy’ has increased considerably over the past year. Globally, 75 GW of Solar Energy […]

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4 Key points of the European Energy Efficiency Directive

4 keys european directive

One of the European Union‘s most ambitious projects is to achieve an intelligent energy transition resulting in a sustainable, competitive and secure energy system for all Member States. And to achieve this goal, one of the tools the EU uses is the implementation of energy regulations and legislation, including the well-known Energy Efficiency Directive. In […]

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