Terrassa Goes Live with First Municipal Energy Management Solution

As of 25 May, the City Council of Terrassa, Spain is up and running with a brand new energy management solution.

Installed by DEXMA and gemweb, the new tool will allow the City of Terrassa (population 215,000) to manage all of its energy data in one convenient platform, for the first time ever.

 A Holistic Energy Management Solution for A Growing Municipality

This new municipal energy management solution will service 902 electricity and gas supplies. In addition, the city council also has 103 meters distributed across 82 public buildings, integrated with the “SENTILO Terrassa” system as well as with internal accounting and fiscal administration systems.

Over the past few weeks, Terrassa, DEXMA and gemweb City teams have been implementing and coordinating the communication systems to enable the integration of the different platforms, and have been providing the corresponding training for municipal technicians.

Both companies will ensure the management of municipal energy data related to energy inventory, billing and contracting and the automatic reading of energy meters (AMR) and other environmental variables (indoor and outdoor).

With this aggregated energy data, municipal technicians will be able to optimise, manage, control and forecast energy demand, track energy costs and carbon footprint, as well as validate the large volume of monthly energy bills to the corresponding companies.

DEXCell Energy Manager demo

An Integral Energy Management Tool

With this comprehensive solution, Terrassa City Council will be able to manage structured energy data with a high degree of integrity, instead of having to sort through disparate datasets from a variety of sources.

New energy data insights will allow municipal energy managers to perform the optimal improvements at the right time and place. Moreover, the economic resources generated through energy savings and optimisation can be redirected to meet other city needs.

“Overcoming this challenge is a very important leap forward for Terrassa, since it is the first time ever that a complete energy management solution could be integrated with the municipality’s own IT management systems,” said DEXMA Product Director Daniel Utges.

In addition, a new free tool to combat energy poverty will soon be integrated into municipality systems. This way, the municipal departments  Terrassa will be able to manage, control and monitor the energy data of families that may be affected, in order to offer a better and more personalised response.

This press release was originally published here (in Spanish) by eseficiencia.es

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