DEXMA Among Top Startups Pitching to PwC Execs - Featured image

DEXMA Among Top Startups Pitching to PwC Execs

This week, the chairmen of PwC subsidiaries in the 157 countries where the professional services firm is present met with a handpicked selection of top startups in Spain, including DEXMA.

The Network Leaders meeting, inaugurated by PwC Spain Chairman Gonzalo Sánchez, was led by PwC Global Chairman Bob Moritz in Barcelona.

The goal? Exchange knowledge, experience and advice on how to address specific obstacles faced by entrepreneurs as they scale their businesses.

Chief among these challenges is internationalisation, or how to penetrate other markets to expand their service offering globally. The need to find more capital to finance expansion and rapid growth also came up. The startups also sought advice on product categories that complement their value offering or how to remain innovative and become a benchmark in highly competitive markets.

To tackle these burning questions, PwC leaders were divided into working groups based on their area of knowledge and home countries. From there, the entrepreneurs presented their cases and specific business challenges to each of these groups, after which a debate was held.

“This event proved to be a fantastic opportunity to be able to learn from and engage with experienced PwC leaders,” remarked DEXMA CEO and co-founder Joan Pinyol, representing DEXMA at the Network Leaders Meeting in Barcelona. “It is a real honour to have been selected as one of the top startups in Spain in order to participate in these discussions.”

Joining DEXMA, the only energy-related firm, were the following startups covering a wide range of sectors:

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