DEXMA Launches Energy Grader: AI for Frictionless Energy Savings

FYI: Since October 2019, Energy Grader has been renamed DEXMA Detect.

DEXMA, leading provider of energy management solutions, announces the official launch of EnergyGrader. This cloud-based solution becomes the first energy savings platform designed to enable any business with an energy bill to gain unprecedented insights into their energy costs while obtaining frictionless energy savings and retrofit recommendations driven by artificial intelligence.

Webinar EnergyGraderFollowing the success of its flagship hardware-agnostic energy management software, DEXMA, DEXMA designed and built Energy Grader: a groundbreaking SaaS platform that eliminates the need for any kind of hardware installation or on-site audits, so that any company can start saving energy.

EnergyGrader technology currently connects to more than 3,400 utilities all over the world, obtaining billing information automatically so users can skip the slow and obsolete process of manual data input.

This energy billing data is then benchmarked against DEXMA’s unique database of over 50,000 buildings monitored in real time. The result? EnergyGrader pinpoints sites with the highest savings potential and suggests site-specific retrofits that will obtain the fastest ROI.  

Energy Grader is a cloud-based platform, meaning there is nothing to download or physically install to obtain energy insights. Using only billing data information, EnergyGrader gives users the ability and guidance to set goals, reduce energy spend and plan energy efficiency projects more intelligently.

“For the first time ever, anyone at any company, large or small, can now engage directly with energy usage instead of just paying their bill or relying on an energy professional,” said Daniel Utges, Product Director at DEXMA. “Energy Grader offers personalised and actionable insights allowing anyone to easily understand recognise how, when and where they use energy, and which actions or retrofits will generate the fastest ROI for their business. Now, it is as simple as checking off a to-do list.”

Energy Grader Features Include:

  • Automatic bill data import
  • Compatibility with +3,400 utilities worldwide, adding 100 new energy providers every month
  • The ability to add unlimited sites for maximum flexibility and growth
  • Personalised energy-saving recommendations that suggest and encourage retrofit projects specific to each site
  • CFO-friendly metrics adapted to every budget

“Over the last 7 years we have grown from a small team of engineers into the leading energy management platform provider in Europe,” said DEXMA CEO and co-founder Joan Pinyol. “Now we want to use our deep experience and delivery capabilities to help any business boost their competitiveness with energy efficiency.”

DEXMA plans to roll out additional innovative features and functionality for the EnergyGrader platform, including the ability to apply rebates directly and automate the retrofitting process.

For more information or to try Energy Grader for free, visit DEXMA Web

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