DEXMA starts the Midnattssol Project

DEXMA starts the Midnattssol Project

The MIDNATTSSOL project is about developing technologies and tools to provide solutions for managing photovoltaic facilities.  The analysis, measurement, and control of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the main component of this innovative initiative.

Why innovate in photovoltaic solar technology?

Photovoltaic solar technology represents a great market opportunity. Why? Well, we’re talking about inexhaustible renewable energy with a low environmental impact. Furthermore, photovoltaic systems reduce costs at a massive scale, both in the industrial and domestic sectors. In addition, regulators and institutions have pushed the installation of photovoltaic plants both for homes and for businesses with fiscal advantages and this savings message.

But the systems, prices, and regulation background has made the management of this energy source more and more complex, especially for companies and building tenants. Solar cells are just the beginning of a PV project.

After installing PV cells, you need to track how much energy they produce, how much is consumed in the building or project and how much energy you generate for the system. All of this affects your energy costs and will also have an impact on your energy bills.

Getting those numbers is not always easy. Many building owners and facility managers are working with outdated tools that are highly time-consuming and not so accurate. This leads to their photovoltaic systems becoming less productive and profitable than they could be.

What’s the solution? Giving them a modern, technological tool to manage their everyday work. And that’s one of the goals of the Midnattssol project.

The Midnattssol Tender

A consortium comprising COMSA EMTE and DEXMA Energy Management will carry out the MIDNATTSSOL project, combining their experience and know-how in the energy market.

COMSA EMTE is the second-largest unlisted Spanish group in the infrastructure and engineering sector. As an expert in PV energy, the company is leading the project.

The DEXMA platform will be the platform that the MIDNATTSSOL tool will use. The product is focused on efficient energy management in buildings. Meanwhile, DEXMA will identify the market segments for a solution like the one we are offering, thanks to its database of buildings.

The aim is to develop a system that incorporates the photovoltaic energy surplus with the consumption of an HVAC plant. This system will allow us to maximise solar energy use depending on the level of demand. The ultimate goal is always to increase efficiency and sustainability. 

*UPDATE: To see the outcome of the project, watch the webinar:

Energy Efficiency Funding - Midnattssol Webinar