Fifthplay chooses DEXMA

Fifthplay chooses DEXMA as a strategic supplier for Energy Management Software

New Partnership

Within the brand new partnership, fifthplay allows for the measuring and switching of energy consumption in real time, and DEXMA energy management software provides comprehensive and accurate energy reporting. Through the cooperation of both platforms, the Belgian high-tech player creates a state-of-art solution for companies and organisations that want to understand the full carbon footprint of their business.

This commercial agreement is the missing puzzle piece for fifthplay. The DEXMA platform supports fifthplay by offering a full energy accounting suite – consumption per m2, consumption by sector, role-based access, and the ability to compare fifthplay figures and results to similar companies. From the 1st of May 2014, the solution to the B2B market will be launched internationally.

With this partnership, both companies are investing in the quality of their platform. In addition, their partners get a wider range in the market. Not only do the platforms strengthen each other from the commercial and technical perspectives, but offer both parties the possibility of international growth.  This way, they position themselves directly to compete alongside other major players in the industry.

About Fifthplay

Fifthplay is a Belgian high-tech player and daughter company of Niko Group. Fifthplay offers a web-based platform that enables partners to deliver care, comfort, and energy services directly to the consumer “smart home” at any time, any place, and on any device that has a web browser. Fifthplay currently operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France.

About Niko Group

Niko Group focuses on residential and tertiary markets but also on the healthcare sector. For these different lines, they offer solutions such as energy management (water, gas, and electricity), the monitoring and control of light, care solutions with an emphasis on safety and security, access control, and home and building automation.

Niko Group has branches in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Slovakia. Denmark and Poland were recently added to this list.

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